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 on: Today at 12:25:23 PM 
Started by Lady Adelaide - Last post by Baron Brockdorf
live from Stockholm, the royal family makes its appearance at 1:15

At the moment the Marines are playing a musical programme
There will be a gun salute at 13:00
Then the band of the Armed Forces will play, and then the mounted band of the Royal Life Guards, followed by a changing of the guards ceremony of a squadron from the mounted cavalry

 on: Today at 12:16:34 PM 
Started by fogdancer - Last post by melusina
I don't think for a second that they sold it. Fact is that up to now, PdV is the only paper I saw which was granted access, the lux papers all just published the communique and official pics. I don't know what the intention was, but I think the outcome is quite unfortunate.

Also, if the family celebrate Easter in the Vatican how is it MT usually always attends the big charity event?
Televie doesn't necessarily coincide with White Easter (or how do you call sunday after easter?) and Felix didn't tell how long they would usually stay. And Televie is actually a fundraising marathon with many events happening during several weeks. The sunday event being the final big event of this marathon. MT doesn't attend this final every year. Last year she indeed picked up the phone to receive funding promises like many lux VIP's, this year she visited in this context the children's hospital (on her birthday).

 on: Today at 12:01:54 PM 
Started by Clara - Last post by lilith
Is Amalia wearing makeup?
Maxima looks awsome - so beautiful!
I think she looks better than Leti. I don't know why - but I don't really care for Leti's look. The hair, the lipstick - nope (and yes, I know I'm the only one who feels this way)
You're not the only one. I don't care for Leti's look either. The red dress is very loud, I do prefer the dress in white. I'd personally not choose this shade of red for someone else's birthday celebration, but that's probably just me.

 on: Today at 11:51:25 AM 
Started by Clara - Last post by Trier1
pretty boys in pink 

 on: Today at 11:42:07 AM 
Started by sj007 - Last post by Lille
It's been a while since I've posted in my favorite thread  Smiley

Don't think I have seen her wear this coat without a hat before

 on: Today at 11:41:53 AM 
Started by lupina - Last post by Trier1
I don't believe that either Queen Daisy or Mary get het up about the Queen Mary articles in the very juvenile New Idea. New Idea is an old magazine (it began pre World War One I think) that used to be full of innocuous recipes and knitting patterns and agony aunt stuff until the 1980's when it began to modernise and lift its gossipy articles and stories straight from the National Enquirer, Globe and others of that ilk.

When there's nothing around in the US and British Press to trawl, like Nicole Kidman being pregnant for the 55th time, the magazine's so-called journalists just use their imaginations for a change, rather than foreigners' flights of fancy. It wouldn't be worth Mary using PR on the New Idea or alternatively threatening to sue. The mag just isn't taken seriously by anyone.

Marge actually does.  She issued a statement a year ago after that stupid joke of a magazine published its 4th or 5th article on how Mosh was going to become queen right now. 
She also said in an interview in Germany that she doesn't want to step down after the German press had copied this "QM now" nonsense. So I think Marge knows about it and is rightly pissed off by it and by her DIL who wishes her dead. If Mary wouldn't want her dead, she had issued some statement saying that she doesn't want to become queen now because this would mean that Marge ahd died. It is not difficult to get your PR publish such a statement but the absence speeks volumes.

 on: Today at 11:39:17 AM 
Started by lupina - Last post by Elissa

Mary sugars, explain this one, please.  Tell us all how your idol is a good person who is just shy and misunderstood and we're all jealous. 

The sugars would say Mary has no power about what Australian media publishes.
Well, she has at least the power to send them a very official mail telling them to stop publishing insulting and false rumours.

But to this day, Mary still hasn't. And the same 'Mary is Queen! Abdication for Margrethe!' crap articles have been around for years now...

 on: Today at 11:35:39 AM 
Started by Clara - Last post by Trier1
Hope we get some more pics. IMO, Leti looks horrible, not her dress but her face, it is fake, plastic and scary. And she had lipstick all over her teeth in one pic (can happen to anybody but looks cheap on anybody). Did they bring their kids? I mean it is their daughter's 10th birthday and they were photographed alone in the Netherlands. WAX looks proud in the pic with his 4 ladies  Thumb up

 on: Today at 11:20:52 AM 
Started by Clara - Last post by Lille
Is Amalia wearing makeup?
Maxima looks awsome - so beautiful!
I think she looks better than Leti. I don't know why - but I don't really care for Leti's look. The hair, the lipstick - nope (and yes, I know I'm the only one who feels this way)

 on: Today at 11:12:35 AM 
Started by My13 - Last post by Lovis
Based on interviews and pictures all the years I got this impression (until the Jonas thing):
Madeleine was her parents favorite (Vic not as princesslike as her and didn't choose an upperclass guy, CP too weak and weepy) and Madeleine and CP were very close. Vic was their "second mom", and outsider of the family and special because she was the heir.
That suddely changed a few months before Vics wedding: Jonas cheated, and Madeleine knew but still wanted to marry him, her Dad forced her to leave him. She ran away to the US, CP cheated on Emma and did leave her for S. Suddenly Vic was the radiant beauty with the perfect husband, had her own family and was happy, Madeleine the outsider (WHY?) and CP made his daddy very happy and proud and Silvia - didn't do anything. (WHY?). It's just weird.

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