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Author Topic: Marius 18th anniversary  (Read 4437 times)
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« Reply #15 on: January 24, 2015, 07:25:44 PM »

That may be bit I still don't find that it is a valid reason for calling Christian a devil child. Alex is no longer part of the Royal family and is not protected by the DRF anymore. Technically a private citizen. But We still dish on her.

A few posters here have been very negative about Christian - I fail to see why you're painting a picture of a board with nothing bit negative posts about Christian Huh? Alex is still on the public payroll (and a countess) so not exactly a private citizen either..

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« Reply #16 on: January 25, 2015, 01:22:16 AM »

A very strong myth emerged when MM and Haakon got married around her being a desperate single mother and Haakon finally becoming the father figure Marius needed.  I think it was clever PR designed to portray MM, not as the drug taking bohemian she was, as a woman in need of saving.  That Haakon was ever so noble and proof positive that he should be King because he would accept a child from a previous relation and become the father Marius never had.

Morten has been a devoted father to Marius from the get go.  He has supported him and has shared custody with MM from the time Marius was born.  He's also - AFAIK - never spoken about the character assassination he has endured.

If he had been one tenth of the danger the press portrayed him to be, he would have never been allowed near Marius.

 Star I don't like when people (in general) tend to belittle Borg's fatherhood. He and Marius seem to have a close and strong relationship.

Or when they wax lyrical about Haakon stepping into a space to become Marius' father... when Marius always had a perfectly loving and involved father helping to raise him.

Ain't nobody got time for Mary's sh*t.

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