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Author Topic: 2017 Henrik - NEWS & EVENTS  (Read 2230 times)
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Good eye:

Confirmed by ABC news Australia!

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March 16
Henrik was inspectin the torso part of a statue belonging to King Psamtik I, outside the Egyptian museum in Cairo, following it's discovery by a team of German-Egyptian archeologists in Cairo's Mattarya district

A massive statue recently discovered in a Cairo slum and thought to be of famous pharaoh Ramses II may actually be of another ancient Egyptian ruler, Egypt's antiquities minister says.

Khaled el-Anani told a news conference on Thursday that the colossus discovered last week in an eastern Cairo suburb almost certainly depicts the Pharaoh Psamtek I, who ruled Egypt between 664 and 610 BC.

Mr el-Anani, speaking at the famed Egyptian museum in the heart of Cairo, said they were lucky to spot an inscription of one of Psamtek's five names on the statue.

"It's a part of the royal protocol, each pharaoh had five titles followed by five names," he said.

"We were lucky to find the second title ? the Nepti title ? drawn with a vulture and a cobra, followed by the name Neb Aa.

"Neb Aa means the possessor of the arm, which means the mighty."

The only pharaoh who was referred to as Neb Aa was the Pharaoh Psamtek I from the 26th Dynasty who ruled Egypt for 54 years.

Prince Henrik of Denmark and Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Khaled el-Anani stand beside the colossus now believed to be of King Psamtek I in Cairo, Egypt.


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