We have decided to make some changes concerning the way the board is being run.

The main idea behind this board was free speech. Many of the first members came from other boards where negative attitudes towards royals where frowned upon.

We believed that it would be possible to create a board with a minimum of rules and moderation. That if you allow people the freedom to say what they want they would respond with responsible behaviour.

That has worked reasonably well so far, but in the last few months the tone on the board has deteriorated to a point where we can no longer accept it.

The board has been a great success, and perhaps the increased number of members have made the board feel less personal, and thus people may feel they do not need to act with the same responsibility that they used to.

Perhabs new members, who do not know the history of the board, act less responsible than we, or older members, would have liked.

We don't know.

What we do know, is that it was always the intention that the board should be moderated as little as possible. Good for us, good for the members.

However, we now spend more and more time moderating, disussing, arguing etc. We don't like it. And we are pretty sure you don't either.

We always had one simple rule: Do not attack other members. Be it on this board or other boards.

We are now adding a second rule: If we feel a member is not contributing to the board in a positive way, is receiving a lot of complaints, or generally just being a pain, we reserve the right to ban that member.

It is not going to happen out of the blue, unless something totally unacceptable occurs. You will get a warning first. If you get a second warning while you are still under a warning, you will be banned. A warning will last 2 months.

RoyalDish is a hobby project. It should be fun for everybody.

We are saddened it has come to this.