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 on: Today at 03:52:20 AM 
Started by Maria - Last post by emtishell
I agree the outfit was screaming for a brooch. They look like a trio that like each other for real, nice to see in this family.

Doesn't Queen Elizabeth have a brooch that is a basket of gemstone flowers?  That could have been lovely on this dress.

She looks of her best looks lately!!

They do seem to have a real ease and comfort together, and that's wonderful.

This one, I think?

It was a gift from her parents when Charles was born. It would have looked very nice on the dress.

This one would look nice too


 on: Today at 03:23:18 AM 
Started by Maria - Last post by Cordelia Fitzgerald
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

The Duke of Cambridge speaks with 100-year-old Diana Mayes who was widowed in 1943 following the unveiling of a new Submariners memorial at The National Memorial Arboretum today.

The way that statement is written, and I know it came from their account and not you, Aubi!, makes it sound like she was widowed at a previous memorial unveiling!  Crazy

She looks fantastic; you'd never guess she was 100, let alone a centenarian who'd been widowed for nearly 80 years!

 on: Today at 03:16:09 AM 
Started by SvenskaSarah - Last post by anneboleyn
That’s true; it might have been more appropriate at like a banquet or “party” setting! I like the colour of it but that’s basically it.

 on: Today at 03:14:14 AM 
Started by SvenskaSarah - Last post by Cordelia Fitzgerald
Why is her dress unprofessional? Haven’t there been plenty of royal women who wear off the shoulder dresses?

Fair point, Anne!  For me it's unprofessional because of context/location.  It's not a party or a festive event; it's the official end to an official state visit between two heads of state who are currently in very tense and perilous times.  I know the visit itself was enjoyable and had many lighthearted moments, and it wasn't all about the situation with Russia.  But for me, and I realize this is a very "Cordelia-centered" viewpoint, if I couldn't wear it in my professional duties as a teacher, it's not professional enough for a royal on duty (with extremes like galas and hiking events excluded, of course).  I also tend to judge what's appropriate for royals by what everyone else is wearing, both fellow royals/dignitaries and those they are visiting, and if someone is the odd man out, it makes me look a bit askance at them!

 on: Today at 03:13:41 AM 
Started by lula - Last post by Emac0914
Interesting that both events with beautiful new earrings involved pretty, silvery gowns.  Good fit for her.

 on: Today at 03:06:08 AM 
Started by SvenskaSarah - Last post by anneboleyn
Why is her dress unprofessional? Haven’t there been plenty of royal women who wear off the shoulder dresses?

 on: Today at 02:40:55 AM 
Started by Maria - Last post by Aubiette
Nice article and comments on Kate from the garden party today.

“Caro Howell, director of the Foundling Museum, said: “She is remarkable. She meets so many people and has such an acute memory. She met young adults on our training programme who grew up in care in January and asked after them all.

“Her concern is in this intersection between care, homelessness and mental health and she understands the challenges for these young people expected to go out into the world at 18 with no support. It’s not just care she has, it’s an active intelligent empathy.””

One of the things to remember about royals is that when they meet people a list is made of when and where they met them (not people in crowds but those to whom they are introduced) and notes kept on why they meet them etc. Then before they meet them again or someone associated with them they are reminded of their previous meeting. Whether she genuinely remembered teh young adults or simply was reminded that she had meet them we will never know but both are equally possible.

While this is certainly true I don’t think it is out of the scope of possibility that Kate would remember a small engagement in January with one of her patronages in her obvious area of interest.

 on: Today at 02:33:15 AM 
Started by BaronessLee - Last post by CyrilSebastian
On this day, May 19, 1359 ~ The Wedding of John of Gaunt, son of King Edward III, and Blanche of Lancaster at Reading Abbey in Berkshire, England

 on: Today at 02:22:14 AM 
Started by Shiner - Last post by perdie
I side-eye her fashion about 99.5% of the time, I wish she could/would do something other than art-related events, but I can forgive everything for these visits and I dearly hope they keep them up.  Gui's earnestness is endearing - just look at him with the man painting.  They're engaged with each other.  Or how gently he puts his hand on the arm of the woman holding hands with her daughter.  Steph is never more relaxed, and is just happy to share her boy and her joy.  Because she's relaxed, Charles is too.  Charles is a dote, and children who grow up with older people are more empathetic.  As Cordelia said, everyone involved is noticeably enjoying themselves.  Look at the woman in the white blouse with red squares.  Oh, the joy from these visits is just lovely.

 on: Today at 02:11:52 AM 
Started by Maria - Last post by Oh_Caroline
Yeah...that's all pretty standard high level stuff.  The goal is for people to believe that you've remembered all the details regardless of whether you actually did.

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