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 on: Today at 08:46:55 AM 
Started by loubna - Last post by loubna
the whole look of yesterday

patrick dempsey and tony parker were there also

a group photo

with french sport minister, who is a former olympic swimmer

 on: Today at 08:34:31 AM 
Started by PeDe - Last post by Ellie
I really like the dress on Mary, actually. I think red is a flattering color for her.

But the hat - why? Hats don't seem a very Danish thing, am I right?

 on: Today at 08:20:14 AM 
Started by PeDe - Last post by Barrie
The red dress is a nice colour but it looks matronly.  As for the picture with the kids. If Mary weren't in her usual heels Isabella would be the same height as her. The older children got the height gene for sure.

 on: Today at 08:16:36 AM 
Started by Lady Adelaide - Last post by karma chamelion

It is a wig, it is a leftover birds nest.....oooh no it is a big dead rat up there on Snakey's head!!!

Quick, someone check the Lesbaru for any missing dead squirrels!

 on: Today at 07:28:05 AM 
Started by Sylver - Last post by Sondra Finchley
Its like you get a two-for-one with the Wessexes as they can operate independently. I dunno, maybe years of working and running her own PR business, rather than laying about or 'acting' has something to do with it?  Thinking

I like both dresses but not at that length, although the green one is a good length for her. they have a beautiful 30s style tea dress in the sale that hits about knee length that I would get the green one in.

Suzannah is a luxury womenswear brand designed by British designer Suzannah Crabb which specialises in making unique premium cloth into modern silhouettes reflective of vintage couture classics.

So she wears British who does a modern take on classics likely originated out of French houses like... Givenchy. I see one of their new pieces has that lampshade design Megz wore on her girls big train trip with Liz. Some lovely stuff though - perfect if you need to do a garden party, an upscale wedding, high-end corporate entertaining, or what have you where you need to do subtle understated wealth and position.

 on: Today at 06:58:21 AM 
Started by Sylver - Last post by luvcharles
Sophie and Edward do most of their overseas visits solo.

When they are representing The Queen - such as last year's festivities in Sri Lanka for the 70th anniversary of Independence they went together but the vast majority of their overseas visits are solo.

Earlier this year Sophie went to India alone but last year it was Edward who went solo.

Edward has already visited Eastern Europe this year - alone.

They do very few engagements together - other than the big family events - even in the UK and appear to hardly ever travel together.

 on: Today at 06:12:41 AM 
Started by PeDe - Last post by Hester
Ha ha Papa "Half-Mast" Slurrrpson's Wikipedia entry has a similar dreadful photo - and whoever created the page has been at pains to make clear that the DRF honours and crest he received have been "by statute" and not on merit! Ouch!

 on: Today at 05:58:10 AM 
Started by Maria - Last post by bumbershoot
He's also bragging about how the queen has had a better time with him than anyone else. I would love to know what she had to say to others after El Trumpo and his tribe departed. Plus after the Prince of WHALES gaff. Oh dear.

 on: Today at 05:39:41 AM 
Started by Principessa - Last post by Margaret
I just watched the video again and I noticed that at the same time Meghan turned around the second time and then turned back after a comment from Harry, Camilla and Charles were chatting.  C&C only stopped when the National Anthem started playing. It can happen to anyone.  

 on: Today at 05:07:05 AM 
Started by Miss Waynfleet - Last post by PruNordstrom
^ A similar thing happened to me years ago on a country road. A car was on a side road, at the point of turning into a main road, it stopped, and then pulled out onto the road in front of me. I ran into a ditch to avoid hitting the car. Save for the expense of getting a tow truck, no damage was done. But I was shaken up. A police report was made. The driver of the other car showed up to report his version of the inciident. He was told by the Police Dept that he was in the wrong because the road was not clear for him to make a turn and that I had the right-of-way. He received a ticket. Otherwise the insurance would not have paid the towing bill and it would have been counted against my driving record.

I've taken driver 'refresher' courses that review the driving rules and defensive driving. But I'm always amazed at how many drivers don't understand right-of-way and the safe way to enter a roadway from a subsidiary road. They assume that everyone else has to stop for them. There are roads that I avoid in the evening because the are poorly lighted and not controlled by stop signs or traffic signals. It makes for an 'anything goes' situation with turning cars.

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