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 on: Yesterday at 11:42:28 AM 
Started by Rearden - Last post by Maria

 on: Yesterday at 11:42:23 AM 
Started by Lady Liebe - Last post by ves
Maybe the investigations in France could begin with the famous Templar castle in Cagnes-sur-Mer?…

 on: Yesterday at 11:33:24 AM 
Started by Rearden - Last post by Maria

 on: Yesterday at 11:26:19 AM 
Started by Maria - Last post by Kaiserin
What? All the mobile pics I have seen show the Cambridges backs when they were walking away from the plane, all these pics were shot from inside through the windows. No FlyBe branding visible though.

If true, then Flybe may have thought, when the royal tickets were booked, wow, royals = paps = we need our logo there. The fact that there weren't any paps outside in Aberdeen to capture the Cams descending the stairs (which would have been the only moment the logo on the plane would have been visible) rather backs the line that the Cams did not stake the stunt, but rather let the passergers mobile pics do the trick.

It'd say, IF true, then FlyBe has royally shot themselves in their foot.

BUT I don't buy it anyhow.
The flight they took was done with an ER145, and FlyBe themselves do not own a ER145 currently, only Eastern and Logan have them.
The "positioning flight" Daily Mail is bragging would have been the one to bring the empty aircraft, is an Eastern flight, as may be easily seen from the EZE in the flight number. So, yeah, there might have been a positioning flight to Norwich on this morning, and it might then have been the plane they took, but this plane had the Eastern Logo, so FlyBe wouldn't have won anything by that if it was an extraordinary move.
Positioning flights are a totally normal thing in aviation.
And the change of aircraft to ER145 (code ER4) is logged at already on August 19. So it was planned, but surely not because they wanted the FlyBe logo on pap pics.

No, I am not on the Cams payroll. But I wonder why reporters think readers would not be able to check some simple facts by themselves ...

 on: Yesterday at 11:16:17 AM 
Started by Maria - Last post by Maria
They’re not as smart as they want to be but seriously. Andrew. He’s VILE and he needs to not get away with it. So dumb and arrogant aggressive PR aside - could we look into the pedophile Prince right now?

 on: Yesterday at 11:13:36 AM 
Started by Maria - Last post by lisadug
Honestly these two need an intervention. Are they avoiding Balmoral for fear the Queen and Philip will have a "quiet chat".

Philip might, but the Queen willingly sat grinning next to a man facing allegations of sexual offenses, so I think her judgement is a little wobbly at this point

Harry has an engagement this afternoon, be interesting to see if they head up there after that.....

 on: Yesterday at 11:11:55 AM 
Started by Maria - Last post by lisadug
It was originally reported that the flights were booked months in advance but in reality they were booked on Wednesday night, then somehow someone miraculously managed to take not only photos and videos but that was nothing to do with the Cambridges or their pr 🙄🙄. All that comes out of this is that the other pair look like hypocrites and W/K look petty and shady af, all this to deflect from the real deal of Andy, which isn’t going away anytime soon and the sooner HM wakes up to that and deals with it the better.  All these supposed pap shots of them in Balmoral? Laughable and predictable.

 on: Yesterday at 10:52:42 AM 
Started by Maria - Last post by Maria
All of them are stupid for opening this angle that takes away heat from Andrew 🤬

 on: Yesterday at 10:32:15 AM 
Started by babalux - Last post by Kristallinchen
Expecting perfection from fallible humans will doom one to disappointment.

Exactly. No one is perfect. Of course it's a matter of what happened/happens, but an employer has to accept that his employees will make mistakes (like he does too btw)...not because they want to anger him or don't want to do their work perfectly, but because they're humans.

If MT is really such a person she should probably hire some robots from the Japanese.

 on: Yesterday at 09:44:20 AM 
Started by PeDe - Last post by scarlett123
I loved the photos of the tiaras! I recently discovered The Court Jeweller's Tiarapedia (http://www.thecourtjewell...p/the-tiarapedia.html?m=1) and it looks like the DRF have about 20+ tiaras they can use? Are there more that they own that are maybe hidden away in the vaults?

I imagine the British have tiaras in the hundreds. 😮

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