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 on: Yesterday at 06:24:42 PM 
Started by Lady Adelaide - Last post by just a serf
Interesting that all the photos from the honeymoon destination are very flattering to both of them.  Thinking 

IMO they're an odd couple. I don't see any passion. As if they both settled for the other  Confused

 on: Yesterday at 06:19:46 PM 
Started by PeDe - Last post by Vava
Now a sewing pattern so we can all make our very own Duchess of Cambridge dress.   Clown

 on: Yesterday at 06:19:35 PM 
Started by Lady Adelaide - Last post by PruNordstrom
Waiting for the inbound photos at the airport.

 on: Yesterday at 05:30:25 PM 
Started by Lady Adelaide - Last post by Margaret
^^^  royalsareajoke, you are right to say "if" it is true, for there is no guarantee there is a skerrick of truth to it.    There are lots of things about the story and the article and the fact he was at the church with his daughter and no wife that do not make sense.   If he is so sleazy, why did they invite him at all?  Did they perhaps invite him because his daughter is a sweetie and they wanted to ask her but she is too young to go on her own and they didn't want her to totally miss out?  If he is as bad as they say and is wife is so bad they wouldn't invite her at all, what on earth has she been up to?!?!  There are lots of other Middleton and/or Goldsmith rels who weren't invited to any part of the festivities.  Why did they miss out but Gary got an invite to the church?  So many questions and so few answers.

 on: Yesterday at 05:27:25 PM 
Started by loubna - Last post by Royalfan 72
She looks lovely. The Casiraghis creepy.

 on: Yesterday at 05:26:57 PM 
Started by loubna - Last post by ortensia

Che teneri!!!!!!how sweet🌸🌸

 on: Yesterday at 04:50:37 PM 
Started by Lady Adelaide - Last post by royalsareajoke
There could be a reason why the uncle wasn't at a reception nor greeted at church.
If true story, both families' had fingers crossed that it wouldn't be in the media before the end of the day?

Sorry, not quoting this one. Go read the link. Dated 27th May 2017

Oh, dear!  Nono

Margaret, I had written a response last night but had techno problems so it didn't take. I couldn't quite bring myself to try again since I was very close to literally sick to my stomach and  Real mad Ranting with who the hell do this slimy sleazy scuzbag think he is. To think that he is so very important and ask someone to 'google' him and assume that he will be morphed into some desirable partner and these women could boast about having done putrid and revolting things with him Dead Dead Dead  He talked like a flat out perverted icky creep, and after reading that I needed to take a shower. If this article is true, then to invite him to the wedding and not the reception makes no sense, and why would the timing be a factor. Sure, it would 'taint' I suppose the oh so very important and classy middleton name, but to me, if this were an issue, if a disgusting sleaze wasn't welcome in the family then why invite him to anything? Unkie had a reputation long before this little goodie came out. Essentially, my thinking is that 'google' is one source of finding out 'who someone is' but in this case I wonder if some other 'sites' might also bring up names of those who like this sort of thing Whistle  If this article isn't true surely unkie icky could afford a lawyer or twelve to sue for libel. Oh well, this whole invite the creep but not his wife was imo rude to begin with, and now this. From what I read he has a teen aged daughter, no? That takes me places I won't go. That family Dead
Sorry for the rant. Expecting consequences but I clicked so it's my own fault. This hit home big time.

 on: Yesterday at 04:49:47 PM 
Started by Lady Adelaide - Last post by smf3000

The only reporting tasks left to this event are the surreptitious taking of photos of the couple (1) outbound at the airport, (2) long lens at the honeymoon destination and (3) inbound at the airport.

Now that the outbound photos have been taken, only two more tasks left for this event.  Whistle

 Star for Pru, getting it right! Banana Now we're due one more set of pictures and the press for the Wedding of the Decade will be complete  Whistle

 on: Yesterday at 04:39:16 PM 
Started by Nuno - Last post by Nuno
Yes, but minus the shoes. I will never understand why one would buy very expensive shoes with translucent plastic parts. Looks so PRIMARK.
And must be uncomfortable to wear ... the feet will sweat under this wide plastic strap with outer temps over 30 C.
I hate Leti's sandals...she has much nicer sandals to wear. They look trashy to me and not really appropriate for a military event - this dress looked amazing with her Prada heels the first time  Smiley

 on: Yesterday at 04:22:40 PM 
Started by loubna - Last post by loubna

much better than last year

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