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 on: Yesterday at 02:41:40 AM 
Started by Lady Adelaide - Last post by pixiecat
Just gross.

So this guy who hosted and organized the party is a convicted sex offender? That's preciiiisely the kind of people you want around, you know, the royal family, right! RIGHT! If it's good enough for Sofia... grossss... ughhh...

Wait, this party is being thrown by a sex offender?!  Seriously?!!! 

I cannot.  Nope.  Just. Can. Not.  WTF is wrong with the SRF?  Ranting Ranting Ranting Ranting Ranting Ranting Ranting

If any of their advisors or even CG and Silvia have a single brain cell in their heads, they'd force Hoefia to sever ties with this shady-ass group. 

 on: Yesterday at 01:33:46 AM 
Started by PeDe - Last post by Paulina
I find her black tights annoying, even as I realize they keep the legs warm in cool temperatures. And yes, her hair should not be platinum. Dark blonde is fine, even in Norway.

 on: Yesterday at 01:01:04 AM 
Started by Cece - Last post by Imperial Majesty
Here is a photo of Mary while she was dating Fred

Even before she become a royal she still looked like she thought she was better than everyone!

 on: October 21, 2017, 11:38:50 PM 
Started by PeDe - Last post by Lille
It looks like one of the sleves is longer than the other  Thinking

 on: October 21, 2017, 10:39:26 PM 
Started by PeDe - Last post by PeDe

this combo looks awful  Snare even if you don't have a stylist you combine things that compliment, not bite each other.

 on: October 21, 2017, 10:22:49 PM 
Started by Clara - Last post by AddiesGirl
They both looked very relaxed and engaged, they are a great team! Thank you for all the photos Nuno! The dress for the awards ceremony was so beautiful

I saw the photo below, and since I am a fan of antique jewelry I wondered if Asturias had an equivalent to Whitby jet, and they do! In fact, this article: implies that they made jet jewelry before the Victorians popularized it: "Asturias is the birthplace of the jet trade since Asturian citizens started to sell it to Galician farmers in the 18th century. The only mine of jet black in Spain is found in the rural parish of Oles, in Villaviciosa."

Okay, jewelry geek moment over LOL Seriously, this is one of the very few reasons to still have royalty around IMO, to highlight their national resources and people. Job well done Felipe & Letizia.

 on: October 21, 2017, 10:17:47 PM 
Started by Lady Adelaide - Last post by RubyLucinda
Wow she looks awful!  Dead

 on: October 21, 2017, 10:05:03 PM 
Started by Clara - Last post by NotAgain
Very well said!  Star
The way they move through the rooms is almost an art, like a perfect ballet, with these two. Nothing awkward, nothing harsh, nothing clumsy.
All grace and elegance with a hint of magic & mystery, simply royal.

The dress moves beautifully!

Cute moment 

  Queen Letizia.  Her grace is amazing.

Even being Queen, Letizia keeps/knows/takes her place behind King Felipe.
Definitely NOT in a bad way.
Her confidence makes her not need to walk ahead him, wave to the crowd before him.
Her actions doesn't scream "I'm Queen!  I'm Queen!"
Her actions are for Spain - in support of Spain as their Queen.

I noticed that she doesn't get to the top of the steps before him.  She half a pace behind.
She doesn't wave to the crowd before him and stops as soon as he does.
He took the first step down.  She followed.
Such grace.

 on: October 21, 2017, 09:29:01 PM 
Started by PeDe - Last post by Royal Me!
I definitely believe that when the kids get older they are going to be a rral problem. There has never been parental control here and no teenager going off the rails is going to be railed in by nannies.

Oh, the problem is very real already.
The bit about "let kids be kids" should not be misunderstood for "letting brats be brats."
I let my kids be kids.  I don't let my kids be brats.

Josephine is a brat.
Even for royals, they are extremely pampered.
I wonder if they have people put toothpaste on their toothbrushes ... like their royal cousin, Prince Charles.

 on: October 21, 2017, 09:24:14 PM 
Started by Lady Adelaide - Last post by Passing Stars
I did not follow the SRF during the time the king was found out regarding his lust for ‘coffee girls’.  I believe in Sweden the criminal action of ‘sex for sale’ lies with the purchaser and not the girl for sale, so does anyone know how the king was impervious to this crime?

And I agree, if this royal family had even the smallest degree of care for the legacy they are leaving for their daughter, as well as their reputation in history books, they should distance themselves as far as possible from this scum, including their daughter-in-law.  Get the snake off center stage  Dead

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