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Author Topic: Mette-Marit - NEWS  (Read 813023 times)
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« Reply #2670 on: August 13, 2019, 04:35:58 PM »

It it good to see that sheís still very physical active despite a serious lung condition...a 80km (50 mile) bike ride takes pretty good cardiovascular heath depending on terrain and whatnot. 

Considering the dramatic drop in an all ready very light work load it might be advisable to limit sharing on SM.  By all means she should enjoy her good days but (and I hate myself for saying this) it does lend to an appearance of using her illness to pick and choose.  Iím not saying thatís whatís happening but thatís the story thatís unintentionally being written.

I guess you described it well!

And off course there are people with severe illnesses that seem to do only the fun stuff but of whom most people are unaware they need to pay a price for it (extra rest, complete drop of energy and such).

During student time I had a house mate in my studenthome who had physical complaints after a traffic accident several years before and its aftermath. She could walk, but not for a long time in a row. Therefore in some cases a wheelchair was brought along. Some people would react rude and negative,  openly wonder why she needed a wheelchair after they had seen her walking before.


It was very hard to get my thoughts typed out into something that made sense.  Itís a though issue but IMO adjusting her SM content would help avoid a negative narrative.

You and your sensible suggestions!  Star

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