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Author Topic: Martha Louise  (Read 485524 times)
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« Reply #2010 on: Yesterday at 12:31:51 PM »

Leah is only sixteen but in the pics above she looks way older.
I have the impression that ML encourages her daughter look this way and I don't like this at all.
It seems like she's not parenting, she's just there...

I agree that she didn't "celebrate"/promote the same way Maud's book.

This award is def a big step and achevement for Leah but I'm not sure she would have earned this if it wasn't her status.
Her dress is really wonderful but not for a 16 yo girl.


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« Reply #2011 on: Yesterday at 12:51:41 PM »

ML and Leah attended the Vixen Awards in Oslo where Leah won the "Beauty Influencer of the Year" award.

She's very talented at doing makeup and runs a popular Instagram account:

I'm torn between: 

A) it's nice that Leah received an award for her skills, and

B) what time does she get off work on the corner of Hollywood & Vine?

"B" is taking it a little far I know but really that dress and shoes together are just awful.

I also think that Martha Louise is dressed pretty badly! 


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« Reply #2012 on: Yesterday at 01:12:48 PM »

Vixen is a shallow award, only influencers take it seriously, and not even all of them.

Considering how Marthas two other daughters dress I really dont think she encourrages a certain way to dress. Maud dresses like a 50 year old (she seems an old soul) and Emma is mostly in sport clothes and horseclothes, much like her mother back in the days. Leahs dress is a bit grown up but nothing is falling out anywhere so I guess its OK for this event, she had her own idea and the designer at TSH made it for her.

All the girls seems talented in their own way, Emma does very well in jr. riding/jumping, Maud with litterature/art and Emma with make-up, but atleast for the latter two the last name and connection sure helps.
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