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Author Topic: Haakon and Mette-Marits 50th birthdays - summer 2023  (Read 21239 times)
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« Reply #105 on: November 02, 2023, 05:15:10 PM »

Well ... it was surely not a good start. BUT. He was born in the increbible fortunate position to become the head of state of Norway. All he had to do to get the job was to be the first born male at the time. He was christened by the bishop, had the best schools and universities
(Berkeley, London school of business) and well ... he lives very comfortably.

So does his wife who basically married into the "first lady" position. She is not a very determined person - even before she got sick she might be best remembered for "suffing month and month of the flu". She attended a lot of college courses and it took her ages to graduate, despite her privileged position.

If you look now "what did she achieve during her crown princess time" - well, she apparently did a good job raising three children - which is an achievement, but ... For my liking they are too much in the victim role because - she was having plenty of shady contacts with people related to the drug business. Dan in Sweden does not make such a fuss, and he was scrutinized for a decade for being the nice guy from next door who "only" had a small business.

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« Reply #106 on: November 02, 2023, 05:54:59 PM »

It does not seems to be a victim book, but one chapter, which of course get the most attention , where he talks about their start, here is a bit of a looong nrk article:

Strictly speaking, it's not that surprising. But the new biography of Crown Prince Haakon, penned by Kjetil S. Østli, is suitable to reassure. Norway's next king appears as a serious and responsible man. Thorough and curious. Preoccupied with being kind.

It is primarily in one particular chapter of "Haakon" that the reader hears about uncontrolled emotions, about anger and despair. It concerns the time after the main character fell in love with Mette-Marit Tjessem Høiby, who almost overnight became Norway's most famous single mother

The couple felt chased. They experienced that his integrity, her morals were questioned, that strangers firmly believed that it was wrong for them to be together. To this day, the crown prince knows that he failed those who were interested in house music, by taking part in a public narrative that assumed that the environment was overflowing with drugs. The Crown Princess found it terrible to have to go through penance and almost be cleansed of her youthful sins in public.

Even very famous people can be very young, clueless, about to do something they've never done before.

It's really fitting that this book comes out shortly after another account that addresses what it was like to be famous and hounded by the media at about the same time, namely Britney Spears' autobiography.

Both books are a reminder that not so long ago, especially the most tabloid sections of the press, thought they had almost carte blanche to do whatever they wanted in front of others, as long as they were famous enough. Little did they realize then that even very famous people can be very young, bewildered, about to do something they have never done before.

There is something symptomatic about this that we know that the crown prince can get angry, that he can be provoked, but little about what, in concrete terms, arouses such feelings. This is a paradox in the relationship between the royals and the public. By all accounts, there is a great appetite for royal material, for information about the royals' private lives. This appetite has paid for the fat cars and big houses of celebrity magazine editors all over the world. But do we really want to know that much?

Imagine if he had busted out with what complexes he had, what demons he never got rid of.

Imagine if the crown prince had answered honestly to questions about what really bores him. Imagine if the answer, for example, had been fish and the fishing industry. Then he would never be able to visit a fishfarm again, because then everyone would think he hated being there.

Imagine if he had busted out with what complexes he had, what demons he never got rid of. Then at every opportunity people had tried to calm him down, then they would think about him and whether he was okay, and not about the work he does.

The royals are completely dependent on us being able to project emotions into them. They have to make everyone feel valued, to feel interesting. It may be that some of them, like the Crown Prince, are actually so open-minded by nature and training that they see the interesting in all things. But if he had been too familiar with us, it would have been a direct obstacle to carrying out the job he is set to do in a good way.

So it is interesting that he, a searching soul, has landed exactly where he really had to land.

There are also other apparent contradictions he has had to live with. The Crown Prince has spoken many times about the need to be convinced that he is doing something right, something authentic. This was probably particularly important to him when he was young. It is a tough demand to make for someone who is so governed by rites and duties in everyday life.

In some ways, he lives with far less freedom than you and me. But in this regulated life there are opportunities to accomplish something he would otherwise not be able to accomplish, in the face of people he would otherwise not get to meet. So it is interesting that he, a searching soul, has landed exactly where he really had to land in order to be able to become Norway's next king. But it seems a good thing for the monarchy that he has insisted on going these rounds in his own head, and has become so sure of what the course is going forward.

About the kids from vg

He also opens up about the birth of Ingrid Alexandra. The press was close to the hospital, (they were photographed arriving) and Mette-Marit wanted to leave as soon as possible. He writes that it was uncomfortable for her, and that he went to meet the journalists so that she could sneak out the back way.
The joy of being a father is also a topic, and he writes that he has three children of whom he is incredibly proud. When he got together with Mette-Marit, he was thrown into the toddler phase with Marius Borg Høiby. The two found the tone, and he praises Marius for his humor and care. He does the same for Princess Ingrid Alexandra and Prince Sverre Magnus

The Crown Prince writes that the fact that the children grow up in the royal household can bring its own challenges, and that he and Mette-Marit have tried not to stress the children about it. “If everything becomes serious and super important, their childhood becomes strict and cramped. They should not feel cramped. They must have space. They should be allowed to be children and do things their way at their own pace"
He writes that the children have been good at having royalty as part of their identity. "That's not all they like about it, of course, they want to be part of the group too. But they have had much more humor about it than I had, they can talk to friends about it and have dealt with it much more naturally than I did when I was young."

Princess Ingrid Alexandra is Norway's future queen, which the crown prince reflects on: "Life is perhaps a little more special for Ingrid. There are fewer choices for her. Marius and Magnus have many career opportunities and van so whatever they want. Ingrid can choose, she too, but the price is slightly higher if she chooses something other than what people expect. We don't stress a lot about it."
The Crown Prince goes on to talk about how Princess Ingrid Alexandra cannot take everything in at once. "She will have to take it little by little, and I hope it will grow from within. That's how it was for me. I think things often fall into place if you give it time."
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