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Author Topic: Important - about posting on RoyalDish.  (Read 5389 times)
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« on: July 14, 2012, 12:30:29 AM »

The tone in the British section on the board has turned quite nasty. Much seems to stem from the fights debate about Kate and about her family. As such we'll try and see if the tone on the board improves if the Middletons aren't debated. So from friday the 13th we will remove the Middleton board and and posts about them will have to be BRF-related if they are to be accepted. This means that threads and posts about the Middleton family must have royal relevance. Posts about Pippa's dating life or Carole's shopping = NOT OK. Posts about William bying them a house = OK.

Royaldish was created to be a place for smart and funny discussions on royalty where you are free to write more or less what you think. Many of you seem to have either forgotten that or you're ignoring it. This is NOT a hateboard. This is NOT a board where you have to write as nastily as you can or where you have to fight with the other posters. There should be room for neutral posting and also for those who like both Mary (they are here) and Kate and Camilla too (yes, Camilla!). Please keep this at mind. If things don't improve we will have to think more about how the board should be organized in the future.


- When posting original copyrighted material from writers (i.e. not papers and magazine) DO NOT quote the entire post/article/work of the author - use a link instead. If articles from papers and magazines are long, think about posting a section of the article and a link. Also do not quote comments with name from blogs, tumblr's, twitter and so on - again use a link.

- DO NOT post pics from PPE or Wenn - they have asked us not to, please respect that.

- DO NOT post about private people connected loosely to the royals. This is a place where we discuss royals, we don't want to be an ordinary gossip site, espcially about people who aren't interested in being gossiped about.

- PLEASE be mindful of the fact that YOUR post reflects on the board. Again: we want RoyalDish to be a fun place to debate royals. It's not fun to read fights. It also reflects poorly on the board if derogatory and especially misogynist language is used. Be smart, think twice before posting.
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