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Author Topic: Another Royal Blind Item  (Read 58029 times)
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« Reply #225 on: October 11, 2017, 10:48:10 AM »

I can't imagine that the Japanese imperial agency would encourage miscarriages if she'd only had a girl, when they have so.few.male.heirs in that family.

Japanese friends have told me that Masako-sama is actually pretty free in her private life, meeting her friends for dinner regularly at restaurants and such.  She *wants* people to think she's imprisoned and plays on it --according to my friends.

Maybe that's true now. But just see how they treated her at the crowning of King Was of the Netherlands. There was a female Japanese" grey man" with Masako who tried to not let her sit with her husband and had to be stared down by a Dutch official to leave Masako's side. Creepy!!
I haven't heard any of this happening at the coronation.  Blink
While I am fairly convinced the grey man have a definite power abuse problem and should be taken down a dozen pegs, I find it extremely difficult to believe that given the importance of a male heir, Masako were subjected to violence on several accounts to the point of miscarriage. TBH many of the "absences" I believe were medical treatments to impregnate her and I would readily believe her hhm reluctance or even unwillingness to submit to this was met with force or even violation of what we here would consider your individual rights.
But I think Naruhito is innocent of those accusations, he IMO is probably only guilty of not being a proper help and support.
I also think that while Maxima might readily offer Masako a weekend refuge and a shoulder to cry on and might (discreetly) help Masako to get on her feet after a divorce (by again very discreetly pulling some strings and connections) I don't think she would rock the boat or actively get involved. I think Maxima is too conscious of public and political repercussions.
As to Celia's comment, I have heard that from Japanese friends just as well. Not even as an excuse or defense for Masako, but funnily enough when in a discussion Kate M.'s apparent friendless circle came up. (My Japanese friend rolled her eyes and said, that even Masako who was believed to live in gilded cage would be frequently seen out at restaurants and events with friends either alone or with her husband.)
And I heard this from other Japanese clients and acquaintances as well, that at some restaurants the security suddenly goes into high gear, because the cp couple with friends would come in to dine.
Very difficult.

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« Reply #226 on: October 11, 2017, 12:26:51 PM »

The pics are on here about the coronation stuff. I mean we were just guessing from the pics but there was some situation when they walked in.
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