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Author Topic: Closing Ceremony 2012  (Read 42134 times)
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« Reply #315 on: August 17, 2012, 02:41:27 AM »

Just because I just found it...

Still makes me cry.... for many Aussies, Cathy Freeman winning her gold is one of those moments where you remember where you were when it happened.  I was in Shepparton, a country town, and the pub was PACKED and SCREAMING.  Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

Wow! I was in a pub too.
I was at the Natimuk Pub, travelling through acting as a pilot vehicle. (Moving a large piece of engineering equipment.)
We had to choose a pub with good TV coverage so to see THE race.
We had to park the equipment in a farmer's paddock that had a wide enough gate then drive the 25 km to Natimuk.
I've never been there since. It was a small country town and the pub was packed and screaming and did the whole place erupt!... It was so exciting!   Supercontent


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« Reply #316 on: August 21, 2012, 12:26:26 AM »

Again no Morrissey.  Maybe either he's considered too controversial or he was asked and declined.  It would have been fabulous to see a Smiths reunion, but that will never happen.
I saw Morrissey in a concert few weeks ago  Banana  Banana I have no doubt that he disliked the show and I would have been disappointed seeing him there selling out

I'll see him in Beaumont, Texas on 12/1/12.  Can't wait!  It would be nice to know he had been asked, but probably wasn't
wow I'm jealous feel like seeing him preforming again tonight! so great!

I don't think Morrissey was invited.  It wasn't that long ago that he did the show in Argentina wearing the "We hate Will and Kate" shirt.  William was in the Falkland Islands at the time.  There was a lot of talk in the press how Argentina wants the Falklands and there was some rioting.  Morrissey's stunt didn't help the situation any.
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