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Author Topic: Louis, Tessy & Family  (Read 857520 times)
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« Reply #3675 on: September 20, 2020, 04:44:15 PM »

she has a bachelors and masters degrees, hardly anything out of the ordinary for the current times. or I have missed something else?

She recently got a fake PhD.

I think she just started an "MD/PhD" this year in some weird university in India?

I thought she had finish...whatever.  It was an “IMD/PhD” not an MD and I believe it was the Quantum in Hawaii.

Yuck, the whole thing makes my teeth itch.

Hawaii, that's right, thank you. I remember she said she started this year, but I may be wrong. She has posted some certificates for courses she took with them.
I don't understand what her end goal is with that "degree" though, just to be called Dr because she was mocked for using her honorary doctorate as a Doctorate degree that lets someone use the title?
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