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Author Topic: Pavlos,Marie Chantal and the children's:photos  (Read 272507 times)
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« Reply #675 on: May 16, 2017, 05:27:18 AM »

I think she's a very ordinary looking person who has already used far too much botox and fillers, despite the fact that she's not even 30 years old.  If she was simply a student and not trying to become some sort of fashion icon/model, I think she'd be much more attractive.   It's her desperation to become some sort of icon that makes her ugly, IMO. 

It appears that she's got so much filler in her lips that she literally cannot close her mouth.  It's disgusting and she looks like a fishy mouth breather because of it.  It's really a shame she's done that to herself.

yes.  :nerves:the point is that she has nothing special to be a fashion icon besides being rich. She is not even pretty. It's sad that we live in a generation that just need to have money without any talent to become a celebrity, Paris Hilton is the best example of this.

But at least it seems that Maria Olympia is not succeeding at it?  She will be just one among several born rich socialites.

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« Reply #676 on: Today at 03:10:42 AM »

According to MC's insta account, they are mooving to New York these days, they have already packed all of their stuff.
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