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Author Topic: Coronavirus outbreak  (Read 98448 times)
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You know, the difficulty with this virus is that every person/population/region/country has such vastly differering experiences that it's almost impossible to fully grasp another person's experience.

My mom (78) lives in the north of NL. Her lungs aren't the best, so she stuck to social distancing, which for her was exercising outdoors early in the morning, seeing friends only outside of their houses (talking over the hedge at 2 metres distance), going to the supermarket in quiet hours and a LOT of gardening and Netflix. No meeting ppl indoors at all. She regularly visits us to hug Lil'P and The Pomster, but we didn't meet her from early March until last Thursday. Just to be on the safe side. Yet, in her area (say 40 mins drive either way) only a handful of ppl got infected and none died. The local hospitals took in patients from the south. The group of students from the north that went skiing in Italy (on the border with France, hundreds of kms away from Lombardy/Dolomiti where the first hotspot was) were there before the full lockdown took place, but when only parts of Italy were locked down. None of them tested positive btw.

Contrast this with my SIL and BIL who live in the south (also a 1.5 hour drive away from us). It's carnival country, and most covid-cases were here. Thousands got infected during the carnival parties (21-25 February, which was the same week that the south/middle had their spring (skiing) school holiday; which btw was from 15-22 Feb in the north, so basically families with kids weren't the ones that caught it in Italy/Ischgl and spread it during carnival, because carnival was over once they got back).
Subsequently, thousands more got infected (this was going on before the full lockdown in Itay happened. Italy closed around March 8 IIRC, so a week after the skiers returned.

We went into social distancing mode in the south at the end of Feb and in countrywide semi-lockdown by March 13 (schools March 16). This included social distancing, work from home, all education and childcare closed, no visits to care homes, many businesses (temporarily) closed.
Still my ILs saw no harm in letting their daughters have a string of mini-birthday parties (with max. 2 visitors at one time) for their birthdays, indoors, without 1.5 metre distancing (I have the pics to prove it), in the weekend of 28/29 March!  Fortunately none of them got sick.

Needless to say we politely declined the invitation. We spent lockdown working from home, we had our kids completely grounded apart form a trip to the icecream parlor takeaway or a bike ride around the woods, for almost 2 months. No sports, only online meetups with friends. We did have the occasional visitor but they stayed outside or well over 1.5 metres away if in the home. Shopping - always alone, at the quiet hours. We spent a lot of time outside in the garden, and the Pomster had full days of online school anyway. We only had cabin fever in the first week. No hoarding at all.

All of these different stories sound like total paradise compared to the woes, fears, stress, worries, catastrophes and acts of fortitude many of you or your loved ones went through. Simply because our experiences were rather rosy, millions of others have suffered and are suffering. This is not the place to judge who had it worse, or who's overreacting. All I can offer is my sympathy and love and a big hug to encourage you all.

This - absolutely. I hope nobody thinks I was doing either thing.
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