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Author Topic: Xtian - Izzy - Josie - Vince - NEWS  (Read 462030 times)
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« Reply #1425 on: August 06, 2020, 03:30:28 PM »

Neat, hoped he nailed the landing Wink

I needed a mini trampoline for my backflips (and lots of help of my gymnastics coach). It resulted in bruised neck once, which is still a weak spot of my body since then.

I never had the guts for this neither forwards nor backwards and certainly not on the bare ground.

Agreed, that sandy beach looks mighty "rocky" for this kind of stunt.   I wouldn't have let my kids try it.     

I myself became more and more anxious with time, probably because you become more aware of the dangers and risks. Somehow I had more difficulty with backwards movements, so I couldn't get the flikflak done. Even though I was relatively flexible in my back. Probably too slow in my movements and not knowing and seeing where I would end up with the movement. Forward movements were easier for me. This also applied to the pool. There, one of my tricks was a front flip from the starting block or pool edge. I did not dare to do it from a diving board, because then I did not have (sufficient) control over my speed and movement.

Later in life I have done some acrobatics, including jumping somersaults with some help. But also then I noticed I was sometimes anxious on top and preferred to be a base more.

In my opinion most children often do not see the dangers and risks well (and / or sufficiently). The parents, but also others such as trainers, play a role in this. However, how far do you go in this? Is the child not allowed to do anything ... should it be completely shielded ... will it try things where you don't see it? Etc. etc.

I think you’re right, Principessa - kids that age think they’re immortal.  But my issue was that it looked dangerous and Mary was walking right behind him.  So he’s doing it in front of her (maybe not for the first time?) and she’s ignoring him. 

Really, I completely understand your point in this issue Smiley
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« Reply #1426 on: August 06, 2020, 05:22:49 PM »

Maybe he is mommy's boy and spotted the camera  Halo. Not a very clever thing to do considering the ground ... but boys that age sadly not always act cleverly.
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