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Author Topic: Xtian - Izzy - Josie - Vince - NEWS  (Read 686262 times)
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« Reply #1815 on: May 12, 2022, 03:19:38 PM »

Sorry if itís been already shared, but this was the first time for me hearing them speak! And about mums Aussie accent too!

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« Reply #1816 on: May 15, 2022, 06:09:07 PM »

FuriousÖ.but Alexandra commented on it trough her PR-person🥴 she seems so desperate to stay relevant that her spokesperson comments on everything.

I donít find the way Alexandra - or Joachim Wink - have reacted out of line or desperate to stay relevant? There have been two statements from Alexandra. Since Fred and Mary were asked about the school at several events after the documentary aired, it makes sense to make a statement because people were wondering. I think it very likely there has been a discussion behind the scenes, probably also between Alex, Joachim and Nikolaj. It makes sense that Alex would make a more general statement if they were to make one, because Joachim is in France. Their statement about being furious is also very well funded because the former principal not only threw Nikolaj under the bus but also broke GDPR rules and violated Nikolajís privacy. I think most parents would be furious and they are certainly getting support for their reaction.

I donít see the attention seeking in this case.


Agree with this.

Throwing a former student under the bus for something they did as a teenager in an environment where they were supposed to be afforded privacy in order to district from the school's problems that have been allowed to fester because adults haven't done enough to stamp it out is disgusting behaviour, and his parents have every right to be furious about it and to publicly condemn it.

I don't think they expelled him to distract about issues, I think the school got their priorities very wrong.  Alcohol and breaking school rules is part and parcel of being a teenager, we've all done it.  Systematic bullying is a different ball game, it ruin lives and is a major component in teen suicide. 

I'm still surprised that with all the historical allegations and Mary being a patron against bullying, they still send Christian to the school.

Agree with this as well. Teenage alcohol use and breaking school rules has the potential to be dangerous but is generally nowhere near as sinister as bullying. I'm in my 30s and am still unpacking trauma from being bullied in school. I think I will always carry around some self esteem problems because of it. It sucks.

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