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Question: Should William step down and let Harry be the next Prince of Wales after Charles?
Yes, William is clearly not a good choice to be a future king. - 84 (58.7%)
Yes, but someone other than Harry should be PoW, who ______________? - 7 (4.9%)
No, William will grow into his future role. - 17 (11.9%)
No, the whole monarchy will collapse anyway before he becomes one. - 31 (21.7%)
Other, what? - 4 (2.8%)
Total Voters: 142

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Author Topic: Should Willy remove himself from the line of succession?  (Read 68748 times)
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TBH I don't think so. He was raised believing that it is his birthright. You don't have to work for your birthright because it will always be yours (in theory). I also doubt he sees these scandals as his mistake. It's the paps or his office or his RPOs or the kiss-and-tell girls or the stupid public with their phones or the media but never the great Prince William. So if he doesn't think they are mistakes, he doesn't do them on purpose to get out (not to mention that I doubt he is clever enough to do it this way). He just does what he wants and seems always surprised and probably feels unfairly judged when the media or public don't share his views.

I agree with you on the bit I bolded.

He's just "living his life" the way he wants to, and is sublimely unaware and/or doesn't give a sh*t how that might be perceived.

IMO, although I'm aware many don't agree (& that's fine), it's because he knows he's not going anywhere near the throne in the future.

I truly believe he has no forethought and it just doesn't occur to him that something might be viewed negatively.  I also think he is easy to lead/manipulate (come on just stay a little longer/just one more drink won't hurt anyone).
I also believe he is a procrastinator, he assumes it will be years before he will moves closer to throne, so he thinks he has plenty of time to prepare. So why bother now? 
Add in that someone has always picked up the slack for him and that means (in his mind) that someone always will.
Problem is, no one knows what will happen tomorrow and the ones who do clean-up for him won't always be around.

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