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Author Topic: Prince George of Cambridge - NEWS/Photos  (Read 1574462 times)
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« Reply #6690 on: December 07, 2020, 04:52:11 AM »

I think if they were just another British couple the kids would go to day school but I am not sure that George at least will not board. Both of his parents boarded and as far as I know they didn't dislike it. It might be a kind of assumption mixed with some class peer pressure. But more than anything I will venture to say that William and Kate are in tune with their kids and if any of them were the kind of independent spirit that would benefit or at least not suffer from going off to boarding school they will let them. Kate seems like a loving but not sentimental mom who can handle separation especially if she knows it could be benefiting her children.

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I agree I don’t think they will board so young (like Will and his brother did - I think they were around 10?).

But I do think the boys will follow in their father’s footsteps to Eton. Apparently it was Diana who pushed for Eton for her boys, and if it wasn’t a great experience for the brother, I think Will really enjoyed it.

Marlborough would be on the list for Charlotte I would think.

I wonder if W&K being “promoted” would also influence this? Certainly as P&P of Wales they would work more.
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