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Author Topic: Diana Photos  (Read 1540203 times)
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« Reply #3780 on: February 16, 2019, 03:43:57 AM »

I took my mum to the Diana exhibition at Kensington Palace when it first opened. I was amazed by seeing the clothing in person that I'd seen in photographs. The craftsmanship is exceptional, but it also gave an incredibly good insight as to just how tall and thin Diana was. I'm not the biggest fan of her, but I truly recommend a visit to th exhibition. I think they feature some of the Queen, Margaret and maybe Camila and the Queen mother (don't quote me on than latter two).

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« Reply #3781 on: Yesterday at 12:43:06 AM »

Diana with her Chanel bags

... and her famous Lady Dior bag which she seemed to have several versions of


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« Reply #3782 on: Yesterday at 09:53:09 AM »

Quite a collection.

I wonder why nobody saw the bags valuable enough to also keep them for the future when her sons had their take on her jewellery.

The Lady Dior bags are are timeless investment pieces (the style is still available, and depending on size and material, they cost 2.500 to 5.000 EUR per piece),
as are the Chanel bags.

She also owned several Anya Hindmarch "Maud" clutches in light colors - Kate later bought the same model in black.

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« Reply #3783 on: Yesterday at 10:23:48 AM »

I wonder what happened to items like these purses?  Maybe her mother and sisters took them?

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« Reply #3784 on: Yesterday at 11:02:59 PM »

SO during the Diana years is when collectibles and booklets were popular for the British royals and knowing about their tours, fashion, charities, palaces, and sometimes their personal lives and somehow I find myself missing that. Not because print media/magazines are dead medium but because its great to collect them and you knew more about the royals and the work they did!
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