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Author Topic: Princess Eugenie News  (Read 221453 times)
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... Here's a question for our Anglican posters, does the COE recognize baptism in other denominations? I'm asking because I was wondering if the baptisms could be done at Balmoral? 

Most mainstream churches will recognise a baptism that uses water and the Trinitarian Formula:

According to the doctrines of Roman Catholicism, Oriental Orthodoxy, Eastern Orthodoxy, and most forms of Protestantism, such as Lutheranism and Anglicanism, a baptism is not valid unless the Trinitarian formula is used in the administration of that sacrament.

My own Anglican infant baptism was valid when I was received into and was confirmed in the Roman Catholic church.

Thank you, Athena. I knew our RC baptisms were accepted when we joined the Presbyterian Church, though we did have to show our certificates. I'd heard of a few denominations that required another baptism, to fit the whys and wherefores of their precepts.

Both CoE and the Presbyterians use the Trinitarian formula  - a look at the CoE baptismal service online compared to the Presbyterian Book of Common Worship shows them to be very very much alike, word for word in many cases. 

I didnít know that baptisms were - transferable (sorry couldnít think of a better word).  Thanks for the info!
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