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Author Topic: Joachim and Marie are moving to Paris  (Read 39883 times)
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« Reply #45 on: January 02, 2020, 11:33:26 PM »

P.S. I know wrong thread but ... I can imagine that the Shacks will eventually re-locate to France. Derf's family consists of Derf + Yrma + four children. Nikolai and Felix seem to be Copenhagen based (because of Alex) and they are basically grown up making their own decisions. Felix will turn 18 next year.

If Jokke wants to "help out" Frodo he can also do this while living in France. I am not so sure if Marie is too fond of Denmark or her in-laws (surely she is not best friends with Mary). I could imagine that Jokke and Marie have decided it is best for their children to grow up in France and this currently is a test if they like it and what the Danish public says about that.
 Hug Miss Marple: I have copied your post across from another thread:

From the DRF website:
"The additional training in France supplements Prince Joachim’s current post in the Danish Defence, where the Prince is special advisor to the chief of defense in relation to the reserve since 2015."

Is Jokke expected to bring back the skills and knowledge primarily for the benefit of the Danish military?   Thinking

Surely Marie does not have to flee Denmark to escape the "talons" of Mares?

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When I click on the link you provided it says "page couldn't be found".

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