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Mary of Denmark
Trip for a good cause - but has she left her good taste here at home?

- "We have to give women a voice", says Crown Princess Marie from Denmark during her visit to Bangladesh.

An important goal - but a detail could cause criticism.

As a mother of two daughters and a crown princess, Mary of Denmark (45) is of great concern that women around the world have a voice that is heard. To strengthen the independence and rights of women around the world, she is on a trip in Bangladesh. There the 45-year-old attends facilities which are supported by Danish companies.

As important and right as Mary's plan is, the Crown Princess may have forgotten this in her outfit choice. For although she is conscious of her privileged life, a detail of her clothes in one of the poorest countries of the world is a fail.

For her simple outfit, the princessin carries a designer glasses worth over 300 Euros. Surely, a cheaper model could have fulfilled the purpose.

She could have followed Duchess Kate's example, who had worn a dress from a local designer during her visit to India. On top of that, the duchess combined her outfit with inexpensive accessories.

One can have fun and look good even on a smaller budget. Maybe on her next visit, Mary can take that to heart.


What bothers me more than the fact that those sunglasses cost 300 Euros is that they look like sunglasses worn by "ladies who lunch" on Park Avenue. They're Jackie O in NYC not Audrey Hepburn in a refugee camp. If she must wear sunglasses, they should look sporty and practical not like she's a socialite. But better yet, she shouldn't be wearing them at all while on an official visit. They distance her from the locals. She doesn't reach out to locals so the sunglasses make things worse.

Audrey wearing appropriate sunglasses while visiting Africa:

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