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Author Topic: Henrik strikes again: "I should be king Consort"  (Read 11657 times)
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It has been a bit of a surprise if he mon would emerge today when the queen celebrated her 77 birthday at Marselisborg Castle.

But he did - and the king was even hopla.

There were both laughed and waved out to the many people who had gathered in the park to celebrate His Majesty's birthday.

According to Ekstra Bladet photographer on site was the king's focus on the royal family's children children who constantly sought attention of the 'Grand Papa', and they got lots of hugs and squeeze.

Still, the king could not restrain himself to steal a bit of all the attention.

See also: Possible security: Data on royal children freely available on the web

When the entire royal family went into the castle, Henrik was the last to leave the terrace, and he then turned right around and gave an extra 'little wave'.

Poul Madsen: why call Ekstra Bladet Henrik for 'king'

Officially, Henrik title of prince.

But at Ekstra Bladet, we believe that it is a shame that the man does not get the recognition he deserves.

Therefore, we have since March 8, 2015 called him King Henry.

Below you reader head from that day - where it was International Women's Day - when Poul Madsen explains why Ekstra Bladet struggling to Henry the title of king.

"TODAY IS International Women's Day. There is still much to fight for, but fortunately we have a tradition of talking about the problems - with one exception.

IT IS STILL associated with ridicule and derision when the queen's husband, Prince Henrik, requires equality and would like to be called king. Preserved, he must of course take matters into their own hands, as he has done a few times during foreign visits and even upgraded his title as king. But the fact is that we have a queen, and her companion are second-rate.

WHEN I BRING case forward, it is not because we here at Ekstra Bladet has suddenly become royal. We still think that it is a disgrace to a modern democracy is to accept an institution that is based on privileges and a set of rules dating back from the days of absolute monarchy.

MEN AMONG past ladle legs could then at least adopt modern standards of gender equality. Why not make Henry king? Mary is the queen. Is it just women who need equality in the royal hierarchy?

WE ARE THE LITTLE party newspaper, and the royal family is Henrik, who is the little - not such stature, there is undeniably added a lot sul on the sleek, elegant French diplomat since he married Margaret in 1967 and the Prince of Denmark.

BUT ALL KNOW that titles mean something. We have therefore decided to use International Women's Day to demand equality for Henrik. We have taken the issue seriously, and therefore you can in today's EXTRA read what experts, politicians and famous Danes think about inequality.

AND IT IS not only for formal reasons, we think that Henry deserves to call himself king. He is absolutely the most popular and beloved in the royal circus.

WHOM DO NOT REMEMBER when he suddenly appeared in Christiania and drank a beer with the residents. Prince Henrik has gone from a being a clown to become a darling. Popular and popular.

NOW HE IS an old man, and what is the matter with us by giving him a title he apparently can not live without?

HE HAS APPEARED by Margrethe's side for almost 48 years, smiling and smågryntende without the equality that we require in all other contexts.

We have therefore decided here on Ekstra Bladet again take the lead. So now we call Henrik: King Henry. "

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