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Author Topic: Baby Cambridge II  (Read 138860 times)
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« Reply #975 on: May 03, 2015, 02:07:11 AM »

Personally, I can't imagine what women got through to have a child.  All these discussions further reinforce my happy decision to leave procreation of the species to those who are stronger than me.  Honestly I can't fathom going through all this! 

That said, hopefully this birth will be relatively drama-free.  I'm sorry the baby has William as it's father, though.  And having Kate and her mother??  EEK!  This kid is not in a good situation!  And I hope I don't share a birthday with the baby.  Please be born either tomorrow, May 4th, or sometime thereafter.  Best, Vava

^^^ Vava....what you go thru to bring a child into your life/'ll forget it the moment you see the tiny face of a miracle.....I feel bad that the baby is a girl but am happy that the little one was born healthy......she may bring a real change to the 'firm' me, it looks as though William was treating Kate decently and as much as I detest those two they did look genuinely happy.....maybe now that a little girl is here William will step up to the plate and kick some Buckleberry Hillbilly butt.....the baby is beautiful.....simply beautiful...

 :star:I totally agree with all your points, royals. Maybe this will be a new start for this couple as far as their public duties are concerned. And their daughter is absolutely gorgeous!
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