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Author Topic: Sofia - Formal Gowns  (Read 124608 times)
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« Reply #435 on: December 12, 2019, 01:31:49 AM »

Sof is wearing a bespoke Ida Lanto gown.

Her dress is not my cup of tea but it is a very pretty dress. 

I'm also wondering if Sof prefers to wear her tiara over any of the others in the vault.  Wouldn't that be shocking?

I am starting to think that she prefers her own tiara, too. She has been given the chance of wearing others (especially the amethyst) in the past so I do not understand why they would prevent her now. Moreover, she wears brooches, bracelets and other jewels from the royal vault.
About the dress...I am the only one who think it may look better without the see-through sleeves?  Thinking

I was thinking the same thing about the sleeves. I like her dress but wish it didn't have the sleeves. I also wish she would do something different with her hair. She would look bettter with the hair off of her face.

Perhaps Sofia isn't used to the weight of tiaras? The amethyst and even the six Button tiara look heavy. Maybe she's trying to avoid public embarrassment by not being able to hold her head or wear a tiara for long periods?

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« Reply #436 on: December 12, 2019, 09:54:33 AM »

I'd like to see Madde in the cameo, just once to see what it looks like on her. We wasn't expecting to see her in the aquamarines but that seems one of her go-tos now. Fingers crossed!

Oh, me too. But I fear this won't ever happen as her wedding day would have been the place to wear it but she wore the modern fringe instead and not the Cameo. Even the Queen very rarely wears it and Victoria has only worn it one, on her wedding day. But fingers crossed that this day will come!

Sorry but Sofia's dress look like a cheaper copy of Madeleine's dress. She can copy her but she's just a cheap copy of Maddie!
M's dress had right length of sleeves, whereas S's sleeves look unnecessarily long. M's dress had flowy wider skirt part, that looked very lovely and princess'y. Not so on S's dress. Also not sure if I like the flower application on S's crotch! Overall not a bad look on Sofia but Madeleine definitely won the gold!
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« Reply #437 on: December 16, 2019, 05:50:24 PM »

Emelie Janrell talked about designing Sofia's Nobel gown

She was contacted by Sofia's stylist about making a dress for her. Sofia had received turquoises for her tiara and wanted a modern and pretty gown in a matching colour. They met six times at the Royal Palace. She said Sofia was easy to work with, and it took her about a month to make the gown.

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« Reply #438 on: January 27, 2020, 11:57:58 PM »

I just stumbled upon this 2018 outfit of Sofia again and can still look and yet again think WHY!?

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