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Author Topic: Royal Protection  (Read 1274 times)
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What is the protection of the royal families in these troubled times?

BELGIUM A topic more relevant than ever.
What is the protection of the royal families especially in these troubled times? Even if the subject is never clearly mentioned necessarily for obvious security reasons, we know that in Belgium, the sovereigns and their children benefit when traveling with an escort.

King Philip also used at this time a black Mercedes S500 4MATIC armored class.

Even before the current terrorist threat, the Crown Princess Elizabeth had a guard body constantly at his school, already reinforced security time when she was subjected to threats.

So far the protection of other members of the royal family with the exception of King Albert and Queen Paola was much more flexible except on formal commitments from Princess Astrid.

England, which was long faced terrorist threats from the IRA that killed Lord Mountbatten in, uncle of the Duke of Edinburgh in 1979, safety has always been very intense. This did not prevent a madman trying to kidnap Princess Anne, daughter of the Queen, as she returned to the palace after a gala evening in March 1974. It required all the composure of the princess and his escort to prevent the worst.

Not to mention that despite the escorts at official outlets, the safety of the palace was not easy. Elizabeth II knows something since it awoke one fine morning in 1982 with an unbalanced man (Michael Fagan) in his room.

To attract attention, the Queen telephoned his butler from his bed, asking him to bring him cigarettes, which put a flea in the ear, the queen not smoking ...

Charles and Diana participated in several training with Scotland Yard to learn to behave best in an emergency situation. The couple should also sign a disclaimer in case he was injured during exercise. Diana had one day a blonde scorched wick ...

In Spain, Juan Carlos was a day in Palma de Mallorca in the viewfinder of ETA who did not go after her plans, not having sufficiently prepared his escape from the island.

The safety device has always been very important even for King Juan Carlos grandchildren. Although we often see in magazines Felipe and Letizia evening leaving the cinema and restaurant in a great semblance of normality, they are accompanied by a close protection team at every moment.

In Monaco, the late Prince Rainier had appealed to former French general information to restructure all the protection of the Grimaldi family.

In Jordan, King Abdullah has long chosen to entrust his personal safety to his brother Prince Ali (now running for president of FIFA). It is true that, ultimately, it is never certain that family!
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