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Author Topic: Friends, blood relatives, social/diplomatic/business obligations  (Read 1207 times)
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It seems to me that most people with whom we interact fall into one of the three above categories. They are either friends with whom we choose to associate and share life's joys and sorrows (and of course some family members fit into this category), blood relatives to whom we have a genetic connection and with whom we are sometimes obliged to interact, and those others  we may know from work (or in the case of the royals, from diplomatic and political connections).

So I was thinking about the recent posting about how Daisy taught Queen Sonja how to do decoupage and how Sonja made a special box to hold a necklace she gave her granddaughter Ingrid Alexandra. That started me thinking about how the various royals connect with one another. There are some of the ideas I have and I am wondering what yours might be.

I think Victoria has genuine friendship with and affection toward the Norwegian royal family, and also toward the Danes.  It also appears that Sonja, Daisy and Silvia are friends. Daisy and Harald have what seems to be a genuinely loving cousin relationship.

Maxima appears to have a good friendship with Masako and Naruhito and also is quite warm to the younger Swedes and the Danes.  WA seems to get along well with just about everyone, although I suspect that Queen Elizabeth may have a soft spot in her heart for him.

MT and Mathilde seem very friendly, And it appears that Guillame and Mette-Marit are friends.

The Greek/Danish/Spanish axis has some connections, although don't think I've seen  Letizia and Felipe seek out either the young Danes or Constantine's kids. The infantas don't seem to connect very much with any other royal children at all. 

Are Max and Mathilde truly friends? Max is so warm and exuberant, while Mathilde seems so contained and, at least to me, a little bit on the cold side. And I can't exactly see Philippe and Prince Pils hoisting a few together.

Edward and Sophie undoubtedly know all the younger-generation European royals better than anyone else from the U.K., but are they friends with any of them? Are they ever together with any of them for any but official reasons?

Elizabeth and Beatrix seem to have a heart connection,  and Harald is, I think, also fairly close to the U.K. queen.

Phil-the-Greek has some obvious connections to the Danes and to Constantine's family. But is there any visible affection there? And does he -- and do his descendants -- ever interact with the children and grandchildren of his German sisters?

I know that Charles is just plain the wrong age to be good buddies with the young European royals and as he is only the prince-in-waiting while his European age peers are already reigning -- or even have already abdicated in favor of their children -- that leaves him somewhat isolated. Does he have any friends among the continental royals? And how, I wonder, do they treat Camilla?

I can't see Andrew hanging out with any of the European royals or Anne for that matter. Besides, does either of them have any language skills beyond English? I think that Charles has pretty good French, as does his mother. Any German-speakers among the U.K. royals?

For a long time I don't think most of the European royals wanted much to do with the Monaco bunch, but maybe the stable-appearing marriage and the two darling cherubs produced by Charlene and Albert are changing that.

As far as Elizabeth's grandkids are concerned, do any of them have any friendships/connections with the young European royals? Seems like Beatrice gets around more than the rest so maybe she does. Otherwise, it's my opinion that the grandkid-generation in the U.K. plretty much hangs out with British aristos.

What am I missing? Do you have some other ideas? I'm curious to know.  I am also wondering if all the cousinly stuff from Queen Victoria's era has dissipated in the wake of so many marriages royals have made with commoners.

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