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Author Topic: Rank the princesses & queens for warmth and engagement!  (Read 6817 times)
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« Reply #15 on: November 09, 2016, 03:44:04 PM »

I am only going to rate those with whom I have had a personal contact - been in the crowd and close enough to see them operate - so not relying on limited video footage or still photos.

1. QEII - wins hands down for personal engagement with every person she came into contact with on the three days I have seen in her person

2. Camilla - great connection to the people in the crowd - stayed longer than she was supposed to do and had to be hurried but didn't do so so everyone had an equal chance to speak to her

3. Mary - not far behind for talking to the person as if they were the only person there

4. Anne - a bit stiff

5. Kate - better the second time than the first - or maybe better in the UK than in Australia - but very engaging with the people in the crowd - way more so than William who appeared stiff on the three times I have seen him up close and personal

Haven't seen any others in person so won't comment on them.

And how do you know that neither of the previous commentators haven't seen these people in person?  Does lack of access to real life sightings negate the viewpoints of the others?  It certainly doesn't make any opinion stronger or more valid, as said opinions are just that-opinions, and cannot be quantified due to their nature. 

For example, I've not seen Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer, or Saddam Hussein in real life, but that doesn't mean I do not and cannot hold an opinion of them. 

This seems like a rather rude and dismissive qualifier to add to your opinion list, IMO. 
Then again, if you had personally met two of the three and were now asked to compare all three of them to each other would you not feel somewhat hindered by the fact that your personal knowledge of two of them exceed that of the third?
I met a couple of royals and for me the fact that they were so very different from what I thought they would be, has made me somewhat insecure about my own "media" judgement.
In any case however we all have to make some sort of second or even third hand judgment and hope to be somewhat correct, we couldn't vote for a president or a government otherwise.
In short:
I rate Anne very high on the list, her brother Edward sadly low, Wimlex is a really funny joke, his late brother was a lot more charismatic, Eugenie and Fergie probably wouldn't pee on you if you were on fire and Constantine ex of Greece is so full of himself that he is actually hilarious.

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« Reply #16 on: November 09, 2016, 07:52:51 PM »

Max is at the top for me, followed closely by Marie of DK.

Maria-Teresa of Lux
Madde of Sweden
Sophia of Greece
Fabiola (when she was alive, obviously)
Anne of GB
Charlene of Monaco (especially with kids)
Margarethe of Liechtenstein
Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg
Sibilla of Luxembourg
Letizia of Spain (especially when kids are involved)
Silvia of Sweden (sometimes)
Beatrix of NL (sometimes)

The fakers (they try so hard to appear like they care, but are not at all convincing):
Hoefia of Sweden, Claire of Luxembourg, MM, Marie-Chantal, Kate Middleton, Silvia of Sweden (sometimes), Margrethe of DK

And at the bottom are those who seem just flat-out cold as ice: Mosh, Stephanie of Lux, and QEII

I'm so glad to see you thought to include Fabiola. I think she was super warm and wonderfully engaging.

Thank you, Lello!  Hug Star  She just seemed like such a kind and gentle person who truly cared about other people.
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