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Author Topic: Celebrity News  (Read 29861 times)
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'She has suffered enough': Bernie Ecclestone reveals estranged son in law James Stunt 'PUNCHED him' during a court hearing to evict the ‘erratic’ billionaire from daughter Petra’s £100m mansion

    Bernie Ecclestone's daughter Petra divorcing her husband James Stunt six years after they married in 2011
    Billionaire told MailOnline: 'She has suffered an awful lot and I couldn't bear to to her suffer anymore'
    Mrs Stunt married the businessman in lavish £12million wedding at an Italian castle surrounded by pop stars
    Court heard her husband, 35, was 'abusive, violent and took overdoses' during their six-year relationship
    Mr Stunt, who has three children, was said to have 'made a gun gesture' at Central Family Court hearing
    His father-in-law claims that Mr Stunt 'punched me in the back' in court but the judge told him 'not to respond'
    Divorce settlement could be the 'biggest in celebrity history', the court heard, with couple worth £5.5billion
    Mr Stunt has asked for 'time and space' to work through the issues with his wife - but must move out this week

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James Stunt has always come across like a total prat and Bernie never liked him. His prancing around with his "supercars" and leaving them all running whilst he shops inside, he's a disgusting pig through and through, don't know what Petra ever saw in him. Yeah, they are all a weird looking bunc, but imo Petra would look so much better if she gained a bit of weight and wouldn't stick to the typical "socialite sceletal" look.. He must have been like this before she married him, they dated long enough, so why marry a guy who's a total p*ick? Though I admit that men sometimes become abusive and controlling after the wedding, or sometimes after the birth of the first child, so it can come as a surprise.. James though doesn't seem to have changed all that much and looks like he's always been an a*se and no one (not even Bernie) knows or can figure out how he made his money/ billions, it's all a bit bizarre with this guy..

I hope Tamara and Jay make it, they do seem like a nice couple I think

Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo confirms the birth of his twin boys via a surrogate mother

    Cristiano Ronaldo has welcomed the birth of twin boys via a surrogate mother
    The 32-year-old confirmed the news just hours after Portugal's defeat to Chile
    Ronaldo will return home from the Confederations Cup to meet his new sons
    He will now miss Portugal's third-place play-off against Germany or Mexico

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Anyone any thoughts on this or Ronaldo? Would love to hear other people's thoughts, esp on forums like this were people are from all over the world, I don't have a profile open with any paper (dailyfail for instance) and very few forums, hence posting/ asking now!
I don't follow football stars at all, but whenever I see a video of Ronaldo he just screams "gay" to me. In pics I can put him down as Beckham-like "meterosexual" *shudder*, but in videos he doesn't seem, let's say, masculine at all. I don't mind him using surrogates if he's gay and wants to be a young father, but with his alleged girlfriend being allegedly pregnant and him being supposedly straight it is odd to go about it this way, instead of finding a woman and settling down.
Though I've read comments that the gf (Georgiana?) used to be a nanny for twins and might be paid by Ronaldo, amongst others to also give a child..

One footballer came out of the closet a couple of years ago if I remember correctly and said there were a bunch of gay men, but none could come out because they are too afraid; their careers would be done and who knows how fans all over the world will react, which I fully understand and believe..
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