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Author Topic: The Crown - Netflix  (Read 48935 times)
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« Reply #240 on: December 26, 2020, 01:59:07 AM »

As if the royal family would be so rude to a guest at Balmoral.

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“Après moi le déluge”

« Reply #241 on: March 15, 2021, 05:08:56 PM »

It is funny, to call it somehow, how often I find myself reminding others that "The Crown" is mostly fiction, not the truth itself.

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The Memorial Wall along the Southbank in London

« Reply #242 on: July 22, 2021, 10:24:56 PM »

When even the Frontman of The Sex Pistols defends Her Majesty against attacks from across the Atlantic by creators of "The Crown" and their collaborators:

The Crown wanted scenes of bottles being thrown at the Queen, John Lydon tells Sex Pistols court case. Former frontman said he refused to allow God Save the Queen to be used in the Netflix drama after learning how it was to be used.

The producers of The Crown tried to invent scenes of a rioting crowd pelting the Queen with bottles during her Silver Jubilee procession, John Lydon has claimed.
It is the latest accusation of falsehood to hit the show, which has been accused of a series of inventions that portray the Royal family in an unflattering light.
“There were no bricks and bottles thrown at the Queen… it’s a lie. The only people making any demonstration at all about the Royal family that day were the Sex Pistols on a boat trip down the Thames - lovely songs of protest in front of the Houses of Parliament, and that’s it."

“They can mish-mash history all they want, but they can’t do it using my name.”

link to article courtesy of the NuttyFlavorBlog
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« Reply #243 on: July 22, 2021, 11:58:39 PM »

The Crown series continues to puzzle me.  I know the producers' agenda is to depict the BRF unflatteringly.  But even this, is surely no reason at all for depicting Philip as partially responsible for his sister Cecilia's being on the plane that crashed.   Or for the scene of Prince Andrew of Greece chewing Philip out afterward.  Those scenes totally disgusted me. 

The prevailing fiction(s) that the producers keep coming up with are actually much less interesting than the truth (or at least, as much of the "truth" as any reader of Royal bio's or letters can know).

For example I thought they dropped the ball on
a juicy and dramatic, plot line when they ignored the Duke & Duchess of Windsor appearing at the memorial unveiling at Marlborough House in 1967.  It was the first, and only, public appearance by the couple at a Royal event.  The Duchess of Windsor omitted a curtsey to the Queen Mother.  The Queen Mother, and more importantly the Queen, noticed this.  The couple (I think?) were not mentioned as being present in the Court Circular, but there were some cheers from the public.  Imagine the acting that Olivia Coleman, Derek Jacobi and Geraldine Chaplin could have done with this! 

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