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Author Topic: Felipe's Christmas Eve Speech  (Read 6606 times)
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A great speech and I don't just mean the contents (excellent text). KF's oratory is becoming better and better. He used to falter and stumble: now he sounds firm and secure. I often wondered why they didn't resort to speech therapists, for he has spoken in public since he was a child and those mishaps were frequent. He has certainly toiled. By the way, someone on TV said that any Spanish pupil, especially one attending a private school, could have read and can read as well as the PofA did. That's not quite true and I know because I hear younger and older  people read aloud every day. If one  needs further proof,one only has to  listen to the Cabinet's Spokeswoman  , a teacher  Cry, or some politicians  left,centre and right (they are expected to be able to address an audience, not necessarily hostile) or many other  prominent personas.
Happy New Year to the  Royal Family. I am looking forward to seeing you on Día de la Pascua Militar, or sooner if possible.
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