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Author Topic: About the Britain board - read before posting!  (Read 22512 times)
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William and Kate (this includes George and Charlotte) are OFF TOPIC unless they're directly relevant for the topic. They can be discussed only in their own board in the O/T section.

Harry and girlfriends are OFF TOPIC TOO, unless he's directly relevant for the topic. He can be discussed in his own board in the O/T section.

Diana - SWSNBN! - is O/T too, if she's not directly relevant and we will NOT in ANY WAY host any kind of discussion about the War of the Wales.

When posting a new topic - please consider a few things before making a new thread:

- Is it an event or activity that can be posted in a thread already made? Such as QE & DoE news, activities, the Charles and Cams thread and so on? PLEASE use the threads if there are already there.


- When posting original copyrighted material from writers (i.e. not papers and magazine) DO NOT quote the entire post/article/work of the author - use a link instead. If articles from papers and magazines are long, post a section of the article and a link. Also do not quote comments with name from blogs, tumblr's, twitter and so on - again use a link.

- DO NOT post pics from PPE or Wenn - they have asked us not to, please respect that.

- DO NOT post about private people connected loosely to the royals. This is a place where we discuss royals, we don't want to be an ordinary gossip site, espcially about people who aren't interested in being gossiped about.

- PLEASE be mindful of the fact that YOUR post reflects on the board. Again: we want RoyalDish to be a fun place to debate royals. It's not fun to read fights. It also reflects poorly on the board if derogatory and especially misogynist language is used. Be smart, think twice before posting.

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