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Author Topic: William and Kate visit Sweden (January 30-31)  (Read 105501 times)
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AFAIK the negotiations between the EU and the U.K. takes place in Brussels with a EU delegation negotiating for the EU. So while someone somewhere may think it might sway the negotiations sending various younger royals around in Europe, it obviously only has a minuscule effect on the negotiations, especially when the U.K. themselves are actively going for a hard Brexit. I guess they could also be sent to counteract the effects of this? A sort of “please, don’t forget about us once we sever the ties” apology tour Thinking That would sort of make more sense to me, even though I pity the Brits then. I think everyone in the EU would much prefer they stay than go.

Considering the complete disorder on our side it sounds about right that we may send W&K to negotiate.  Crap

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