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Author Topic: Christening of Prince Gabriel - December 1, 2017  (Read 106214 times)
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« Reply #390 on: December 10, 2017, 06:30:24 PM »

Delete. Double post.

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« Reply #391 on: December 10, 2017, 08:04:05 PM »

I'm new here but wanted to give my thoughts on this matter of Madeleine in a fur coat.
I don't like e.g. mink stoles, because the minks are bred just for fur and killing them just for their silky fur sounds inhuman. Sheepskin is considered to be a bi product of an animal killed for meat. Like leather from a cow. People wear cow, goat etc. fur (leather). They have leather car seats. Right? It seem to be okay to make use of the skin of a food animal, so why is a hair-free (leather) legit but not the hair-on version?
I used to spend my summers in country with my grandparents and their neighbour raised sheeps. I saw that even despite good care of the female sheeps there were some stillborn lambs and ones that died within their first few days. Sad but it happens and farmers are not happy when something like this happens. Lots of the lamb pelts come from the lambs raised at the high mountainous regions in Central Asia, an area with very severe and unpredictable weather contribute to a high lamb die-off.
I like princess Madeleine. I like her a lot. I don't think she wanted to be cruel or deliberately hurt anyone with her choice of coat. I do not believe she or any other royal lady would support the indiscriminate killing of animals. No way! I want to believe that the furs the designers use are baby lambs that are also raised for food because if Valentino or some other designer used unethically obtained pelts, then if it were discovered out, that would be a big blow to their reputation. So they must better check the origins and assure that the animals were reared well and used responisbly. Besides as I am not a vegan, then condemning Madeleine would be like throwing stones in the glass house.
So to wear or not to wear fur? After all we have faux fur and faux leather now...yeah, petrochemicals and plastic factories, sounds so great for the environment, not.

I just saw a documentary on polar fox farms in Finland. The animals sit in cages, only wire under their feet all their life, and are fed to weigh a multiple of a foxes normal size because that way they produce more fur. Their eyes are permanently inflamed because they are hidden behind the rolls if fat, they can hardly move and breathe - and all that is perfectly legal. And no, Karakul fur us not a byproduct of sheep produced for food. Only the merino sheep are shipped to the middle east to be slaughtered there, which is not exactly a good destiny for them either, considering the hardship of the journey. To eat a pregnant ewe or a fetus would not be a good idea because of the hormones in the meat. Of course the fashion industry gives a **** about the quality of life of the animals, after all they do not give a **** about the quality of life of the humans who manufacture their stuff.

The problem is not fur, or leather, or wool. The problem is the industrual manufacturing in huge quantities for an ever larger market.

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« Reply #392 on: December 13, 2017, 03:22:58 PM »

Sofia looks ridiculus. Not because of the clothes themself, but because sheís the only one wearing it. I get the idea and sentiment, but only if all of the family was dressed that way. In that case maybe it would be okay. But just barely because all of the guests would stand out as strange. No, I agree with most of you, this was just a stunt for more attention!

As for the others clothes, I love Vickans! The red is flattering on her. But a bow in the hair is more for a kid then a grown woman IMO.
I really like Estelles clothes too. She is so cute and Iím impressed about how she always is so wellbehaved. Personally Iím so easily bored that I was even fidgeting on my own wedding when my friend sang (a cheesy, romantic ballad of course because, well Iím from Sweden  Wink) So for a little girl to be so wellbehaved is really impressive to me.

Oscar and Alexander are so cute. Oscars scowling is adorable. I have no problem with the family re-using old clothes. I dislike the thought of beautiful clothes just laying in the attic collecting dust so to me itís a nice that they get used again.

I liked Silvias clothes. I like that color and I think the coat was flattering on her. She really is in great shape for her age!

I hated Madeleines coat from the second I saw it. It looks like something an old lady with more money then fashionstyle would wear. When I read the prize I got that feeling confirmed. Sure, itís a young woman wearing it, but still. Like someone wrote earlier: Ēsomeone with more money then common senceĒ.
I honestly didnít know how that fur was harvested (I donít like fur at all, both because I find it ugly if itís not on the animal but also because of the horrible way the animals are treated). I canít even describe how disgusted and upset I am that anybody would wear something like that! I know I canít throw stones since I didnít know it myself, but at the same time I do think Madde should know what sheís wearing. She may not like her position with media and the public, but she still have it and because of that I think she have a responsibility to know what messages she's sending out. And to me right now her message is she thinks that animal cruelty is okay. Which I doesnít think she does because she have always striked me as an animal lover. She really made a big mistake here and I hope she learns from it!
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