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Author Topic: If the Royal Family continues to push out the press  (Read 28939 times)
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At least Charles stands for something. He has his opinions, his organic gardening, his style, etc. Obviously, he made big mistakes in his youth but haven't we all. Prince William doesn't seem to stand for anything. He went to college, fine. Then he did RAF thing, then took some kind of break, was off in Cambridge, then moved away to Norfolk, then joined another helicopter team but doesn't seem to work much. He seems to like to tell people not to hunt, but he goes shooting. He has no style, unless you call blue sweaters stylish. Harry, on the other hand, does his Military work and now his invictus games. He has a great style.

Yes, this is something that has long bothered me about Whiney. He has no issue, no "thing" that he's passionate about like his father and brother do. He doesn't really care about much of anything, and when he does get interested in something, he loses interest fast. He's bored, and therefore he's boring. He must be a real snooze to talk to at cocktail parties. His wife doesn't seem too interested in anything either. They must really put each other to sleep!
With all the resources they have had at their disposal, I find it incredible that the still-partying-princes are so relatively unaccomplished in comparison with their father at the same age. Charles was way ahead of his time with his work on conservation and sustainability. Harry seems to have course corrected (somewhat) and has found a capable and affable albeit opportunistic and insincere partner. Although I think Wills is still adrift , in his interview on BBC1 on the trio's mental health initiative (with chiming in from Waity), he was witty, accessible and engaged. Wills the capable but generally unWill-ing.

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