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Author Topic: Sofia - News & Events 2018  (Read 114026 times)
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« Reply #480 on: December 07, 2018, 06:22:59 PM »

Good idea to crop the picture so that her splissy ombré-hairtips are out of sight ...

But still confronted with her have to look closer to find her teeth

You are right - when she smiles like this, you have to look very closely to find her teeth - all I can see is excessive gingival display.
I think this is the best they could do with her teeth without the help of dental crowns/veneers (which imho aren't also good choice because often they look too unnatural and fake). But her teeth look hopeless and I wonder if there are teeth at the back on her left side (it looks like there are just stubs and then black hole).

I'm quite surprised they choose this unflattering picture of her gummy smile Tongue   Whistle

Who smiles like that, or you show your teeth or you keep your mouth closed when you smile  Crazy . What bugs me the most is the smug look on her face  Dead .

She’s so ugly in the inside that nothing on the outside is going to compensate.
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