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Author Topic: 23/4: Queen Letizia attends a meeting with the directors of Cervantes Institute  (Read 2761 times)
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« Reply #15 on: July 26, 2019, 09:26:45 AM »

What I don't get with Melania is that I do believe she spends hours and hours with a personal trainer in a world class gym and eats probably a thin slice of cucumber every 8 hours (intervall fasting), yet she still sports that little tummy. Which is not a problem in itself:
What I however find difficult to grasp is that for someone who prides herself so much in her appearance she is blind in that spot: almost every other dress she wears highlights the little tummy pouch.
And quite unnecessarily so, as a bigger size or a different cut could easily take care of that.
Yet this dress again: the detail on her hips frame that section of her Body and draw the attention to the tummy  Thinking

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I consider Melania anything but impressive unless we are discussing how she looks.  She is former model who did sexually explicit photo shoots for Max magazine and posed nude for GQ before marrying her billionaire husband.  Of course she's spectacular looking with this CV  Roll Eyes .  

I'm not trying to put her down, I think she is more intelligent and 100% a better human being than her husband, she is simply not in the same league as Letizia, intellectually, working ethic or sartorially speaking.

The blue Michael Koors is one of the most unfortunate Melania has worn.  It's so tight you can even see the nipple and areola silhouette.  Just no.

I'm not overly fond of pink but I like this outfit but as another poster said before, the belt improves the dress.
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