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Author Topic: Dutch elections March 2021  (Read 1004 times)
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« on: March 18, 2021, 09:13:52 AM »

General elections were held in the Netherlands from 15 to 17 March 2021 to elect all 150 members of the House of Representatives.

This time it was again some sort of origami in the voting booth. This is because 37 participating parties with their lists were mentioned on the ballot paper. During the elections there was a comical note about the red pencils used. There was a bit of variation in what the red pencil looked like per municipality. And although you could take the used red pencil with you at many municipalities, you had to return it to others. Some jokers even offered their pencil for sale.

The VVD records a historic victory: for the first time after the Second World War, a political party is the largest four times in a row with 35 seats, according to the latest forecast of the ANP. Every reason for Prime Minister Mark Rutte to jump off the couch.

After four decades, D66 breaks free from the curse that participation in government always results in enormous loss of seat for Democrats. Sigrid Kaag, the brand new party leader with a story of "new leadership" and the promise of "more freedoms in corona time", manages to take the party to possibly the highest number of seats ever. The party now stands at 24/27 seats, according to the latest forecast.

Forum voor Democratie (Forum for Democracy)
Thierry Baudet seems to have acquired eight seats with his corona relativities. That is six more than the current number of two. This makes Forum for Democracy one of the big winners of these elections. Yet after all the controversy surrounding Forum for Democracy, a large part of the supporters have also dropped out.

He wanted to end up "on the right side of the thirty seats", but Wopke Hoekstra's CDA seems to end up on the wrong side of the twenty. After 88 percent of the votes counted, ANP shows a lousy result for the CDA: fifteen seats (minus four). The virtual "Wopke effect" has completely evaporated.

Geert Wilders was written off after the rise of Forum for Democracy, but he worked with his PVV on reconstruction and seems to get seventeen seats, a loss of three places. In any case, he seems - again - condemned to a role on the sidelines.

GroenLinks seems to be heading for a major election defeat. Jesse Klaver's party may only have seven of the current fourteen seats left. Klaver wanted to break that 2017 record.

PVDA (Partij van de Arbeid; Labor Party)
The PvdA does not make a profit under party leader Lilianne Ploumen: the party is stuck at nine seats. This means that the PvdA has not been able to rise from the ashes after the historic election defeat of 2017.

A real European first: the Netherlands is the first country where Volt seems to get through to the national parliament. According to the forecast, the pan- and pro-European party will have three seats. And that for a party that most Dutch people had never heard of a few months ago.

ChristenUnie (Christian Union)
The ChristenUnie seems to remain unchanged after its participation in the government. According to the forecast, the party will continue to government at five seats, after four years and a somewhat lackluster election campaign.

The SP was once the largest party in the Netherlands in the polls, but the Socialist Party is sinking further and further away in tough parliamentary seats. Last night that even went with a heavy blow and the party of the current fourteen seats seems to lose another five. "I think a lot of people think: how is this possible?" The party seems to have to look for a new strategy.

The polls predicted that 50Plus would lose seats. But the fact that Liane den Haan, according to the forecast, only manages to win one seat, is a bitter pill for the new party leader. Her prospects in the feuding party are uncertain.

The Party for the Animals (PvdD) openly hoped in advance for eight to even ten seats, it will be six for the time being. Nevertheless, there is great satisfaction among the party that not long ago saw figurehead Marianne Thieme leave and was struggling with internal hassle.

Bij1 (At1)
Sylvana Simons seems to have succeeded in conquering her coveted seat in the Chamber. Her party Bij1 was in one seat in the exit polls, then went back to zero seats, but in the latest forecast Simons still wins one. She is relieved. The former TV presenter resigned her seat on the Amsterdam city council to enter parliament.

Denk (Think)
Migrant Party Denk is heading for two seats. Farid Azarkan's party had three and was counting on a profit. The party itself is still holding back, because the exit polls can be wrong in their case because of the more difficult to gauge supporters.

Ever since the 2017 elections, the SGP has been hoping, no, praying for the historic fourth seat. It would be a record, never in its 103 years of existence has the party won so many seats. Based on the prognosis, which predicts three seats, it does not seem to have worked this time either.

Caroline van der Plas from Deventer cannot be happier. The party leader of BoerBurgerBeweging can go to The Hague. Her party has one seat in the House of Representatives in the exit polls and the latest forecast. "I am really unbelievably happy." "

The question was no longer whether, but with how many seats JA21 will storm into the House of Representatives. Based on the forecast, there will be no fewer than four. It means that Joost Eerdmans is making his comeback in national politics after previous adventures with the LPF, One NL and Forum for Democracy. In the latter party, he was on the election list for the House of Representatives until the bomb burst at the end of last year because of racist apps in a Forum app group.

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