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Author Topic: Too much water....  (Read 4320 times)
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Wishing everyone a Happy and Bright New Year!

« Reply #30 on: July 20, 2021, 10:58:16 PM »

princi, thank you for all the articles and the photos!
I hope you and your loved ones are all ok!
I'm really sorry for all these people, who lost a relative, a friend, their house, their whole life is turned upside down in a horrible way.
This is unimaginable, so much water indeed.

Thank you very much.

My loved ones are okay. In the past I used to live in the affected Dutch area, and I am amazed by the pictures, news and all.

Also horrible the reports about so called ramp toeristen (disaster tourists) and loothers.
Comparing past and present pictures is always shocking, let alone under these circumstances.
Disaster tourists? Is this a new trend? It sounds super disrespectful. Who would come up with such an idea?

The term "disaster tourists" reminds me of the fall of 2001, after the World Trade Center was destroyed.   Many people I knew went to see the devastated area, in fact the City of New York built a kind of viewing ramp above the site to accommodate these disaster tourists.   Native New Yorkers were absolutely disgusted by this "viewing" (there were protest letters to the editors of various NY newspapers) and the natives would even shout at the onlookers standing on line for the ramp, "looking for blood?  Looking for body parts?" and other things.   Now, mind you, I don't know this from personal experience (it was traumatic enough being 80 miles from the epicenter, for me) but I had at that time family and friends that specifically made the trip to NYC to go and look at the WTC site, and they reported this to me.  My response was always the same:  what did you expect?  I can only thank God that there weren't the cell phone cameras and a strong social media presence as there is today.                 

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« Reply #31 on: July 25, 2021, 11:34:42 PM »

Unfortunately people have always been drawn to look at disasters and accidents.
A while ago, a curious incident made headlines over here:  some police officers who tried to work a particularly horrible accident with fatalities and injuries, gave up shoving some "gaffer" or gawkers away and instead lost their cool and made them look at one of the young dead victims.
Dark tourism is nothing new.
It usually is disguised as looking at historical events. However the lines get blurred IMO.
What's dark tourism?
Looking at the side of a catastrophe that happened 1 year ago? 10? 100? 1000?
I went to see Dachau, is looking at the gas chambers of a historical interest?
What about taking a Jack-the-Ripper-tour thru London? History? Or enjoyable thrill of a horror 150 years ago?
I can name dozens of such places: Pompeji, Herculaneum, Auschwitz, The catacombs of Paris and Vienna with their plague victims....

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