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Author Topic: princess mary's writing course  (Read 1448 times)
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« on: July 13, 2022, 11:58:54 AM »

Everyone, I was going back through one of the treads and I was rereading some of the old responses we all know about the star makers Mary did and mary could name people who taught her like Teresa page. Mary told everyone including us that she had done a creative writers workshop/course but why couldn't she name anyone of her teachers or mentors who taught her the course. I decided to try and find the place she did her creative writing workshop and I hit pay dirt.

If anyone knows anything about creative writing I'm one individual who has had inside knowledge I have been part of a creative writers group over the years which has really helped me with my creative writing processes with my novel writing projects. It's a great group of different people and we really helped each other critique each other work in really helpful positive ways where we can improve on our writing but I have never seen a writers workshop ever do letters or letter writing unless you want to turn it into a biography which I don't think Mary was planning to do, so why did mary need a creative writers course to writers letters to her so-called boyfriend. Was Mary really that inarticulate that she couldn't even write letters man if she couldn't write a letter imagine what her resume for jobs looked like? All the courses I have attended on creative writing have been because you as a creative writer want to eventually publish your work one of my teachers was Fiona   McIntosh who is a well-known author who took a group of us through a creative writers workshop for a day and it was quite intense the amount of learning you go through to write well and to think outside the square.

another local teacher of mine took a group of us it was through community programs run by the council and we used to come every week for 2 hours and do writing exercises share our work and critique it we had our successes yes 
 our teacher eventually published a book called Living on hope street and another girl has published 3 supernatural books the first one is called Unveiled: The Chronicles of Luxor Everstone. But what I don't understand is why mary did a creative writers course and wasted money when she got nothing out of it she doesn't even come across as the creative type, to begin with, unless she was taking Fred's letters and needed help deciphering the crap he was writing to her and she couldn't make sense of them and she needed help reading them. But a creative writing course isn't the correct place to be showing personal intimate letters to total strangers about your personal private lives between you and your boyfriend I wouldn't feel comfortable with people reading my private thoughts and how my relationship is panning out with my boyfriend.

check this out I found the place she took this writing course

check out their Alumni a lot of them, are successful writers/actors/musicians/journalists/screenwriters for tv/movies/ and they have had success through hard work except one and she sticks out like a sore thumb among this group of creative people because there no substance to her she was playing fake while in Australia still why even call it alumni for it not like they have graduated with a degree in creative writing? I know mary graduated from this course on how to be fake and how to talk bullshit and hoodwink people.

they are also on Facebook so maybe we can ask them a question about mary and what she was doing at a writing course way back in 2000 and why she needed help writing dumb soppy love letters to Fred.

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Reach challenging personal goals/ she didn't have any
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