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Author Topic: Wonky, Wonky Eye  (Read 96211 times)
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I honestly don't feel sorry for her. Mary took it upon herself to chase after a person who was not available, to begin with now she has made her bed and she can sleep in it she needs to own her own poor choices and her bad decisions in this mess she has created alongside Fred. But she won't because nobody holds her accountable including herself. Mary will keep repeating and making the same mistakes over and over again until one day she lands herself up in deep shit which she won't be able to escape from and she can play the victim all she wants to but it is her bloody fault for getting involved with fred the failure who was and is a crown prince soon to become a useless king alongside mary who is a useless as he is and they both know what pathetic creatures they are and have always been. How long are they both going to keep playing the charade of being perfect/untouchable god-like creatures who treat other people like mere objects to use/abuse and discard, the charade is starting to crack and will very soon fall apart at the seams because Fred and mary can't hold it together for much longer and it's showing their true colors are slowly starting to emerge and nobody is buying the bullshit of there fairytale romantic any longer.
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