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Author Topic: Royal Wedding Costs:  (Read 7396 times)
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« on: March 11, 2008, 08:44:08 PM »

In 1956 the Grace Kelly wedding was reported at $219,000.USD
In Japan Naruhito & Masako is was reported at $27,000,000.USD
In 7/1/95 Marie-Chantal & Pavlos had 1400guests for $5,500,000.USD
Prince Constantin & Laurentien was reported @ $500,000.USD
Charles & Diana reported $52,000,000.USD
Fred & Mary taxpayers paid 154.4million kroner=$34,000,000.USD 5/14/2004
W-A & Maxima public cost $21,600,000.USD + RoyalFamily cost $13,400,000.USD =$35,000,000.USD
I couldn't find a breakdown such as how much Security cost, Food, etc
Now I can't find the site again, I was reading about Letizia & Felipe and our new puppy Shelby-Maree ended up and onto the computer and all that I was reading went to computer heaven/or hell depending on your mood.

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In 1956 the Grace Kelly wedding was reported at $219,000.USD

Wow, I figured Ranier and Grace's wedding would have cost more than that, even with 1950's prices. 
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