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I think that the board works best when people own their own opinions, don't attack others who have a different opinion, don't feel the need to be applauded/seek attention all the time, and don't feel the need to evangelize/convert others to their point of view.  For example, Kate's kind of growing on me but I don't give a toss if anybody else agrees. People can't stand her and that's perfectly okay.  The royals themselves don't know/don't care that we exist.  Meghan isn't going to invite me for tea if I defend her to the death, for example.


I want to add that RD has a bit of a reputation whether or not we all agree with it, it is what it is.  However, if you're aware of the reputation and you don't agree with it, why come to post here?

I wish there was a way to have people understand that this is just supposed to be fun and even though we all have differing opinions on royals, at the end of the day, this is just an internet board; not life or death.  For example, I like Kate, I always have.  Yet, she is by far one of the most hated/disliked royals on this board.  I go to the Kate threads mainly to look at the pictures of her engagements and not even bother with the commentary because I know it will always be negative.  That's just how this particular section of the board is and I understand that.  I don't engage with all the negativity because again, this is just an internet board and in all's not that serious.  I don't particularly feel like it's my responsibility to make anyone like Kate nor explain why I do.  However, I love the fact that there are people here that don't like her so that I am able to see the other side of things and that's helpful because it's shown me bad qualities like all of the similar clothes in similar colors.

That said, I know I've been discussed by certain people, in certain forums. I have DM'ed certain individuals to smooth things over and never heard back.  I've had people tell me not to respond to other posters because I rub them the wrong way.  You can't make everyone happy but after hearing that, I have tried to moderate my posts to make the posting experience more enjoyable because again, at the end of the day, it's not that serious.
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