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Author Topic: House of Hannover  (Read 32510 times)
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All I got was a Nancy Pearl Action Figure...

« Reply #105 on: February 27, 2018, 05:06:27 PM »

what's the deal with men's hair in that family? one has an obsession for yellow and this one looks like he's never seen professional scissors and a good shampoo.

Congratulations to them on the baby though, the wife looks beautiful. here's hoping the child will take after her.

I don't know if there's any GOT watchers here, but EAII reminds me of Ramsay Bolton somehow, very creepy. 

Yeah! You're right. Thumb up

Oh yeah, it's in the face and the eyes...  Thumb up

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« Reply #106 on: February 28, 2018, 08:09:17 PM »

Congratulations to the happy couple... will she ever meet her grandpa?
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Bye-Bye MEDiana Who!!!!

« Reply #107 on: March 18, 2018, 02:11:45 AM »

According to some reliable newspapers, the junior kicked the father out of some family foundation and sold lots of things that he was not suppossed to sell without having the ok from his dad. And EA junior apparently deleted the part of the papers that said that the things (Marienburg etc) go back to EA senior if the junior dies without children so that the things stay in the family. If there is some truth in this, then the senior has all right to ask the junior to give back everything. To me it looks like both, senior and junior, are mean, greedy people. And Caro isn't better, she had an affair with EA when he was married to one of her best friends and she stays married to him because she wants to keep the HRH.

Categorically not defending the affair,  but Caroline and Chantal were not best friends - or even close friends.

And as I discussed with Pixiecat earlier, I don't agree about the HRH thing. I think there are other more practical reasons like finances and a quiet life.

It still doesn't make it okay.  Both Ernst and Caroline behaved in a trashy, unacceptable manner and neither of them have the maturity or sense of dignity to do the right thing and split.  I have absolutely zero respect for either of them. 

Neither of them need to worry about finances and a quiet life.  They are both capable on their own of achieving both these things.  The fact that they continue on with this farce of a marriage that began in the trashiest way possible speaks volumes about both of them.  The only winner here is Chantal-she escaped with her dignity. 

And for EA to have the gall to make a fuss about his son's marriage, is just ridiculous.
He made the fuss because his son kicked him out of the Cumberland Trust together with 2 other members, so that he (the son) could get his hands on his father's Austrian fortune. This would only have been legal if EA sr would have been a legally incapacitated person which he was not during his illness. According to several newspapers, the junior also deleted parts of the treaty that gave the jr the Marienburg. The jr apparently deleted the part that said that the castle had to go back to EA sr if the junior died before the senior and had no children. So he deleted the part that was designed to keep the castle in the family instead of risking it going to a foreing woman.,prinz182.html
Not defending the sr here but what the son did was as bad as his fahter's behaviour. IMO, they are both disgusting, trashy persons and I have zero respect for Caro staying married to EA because she doesn't want to lose her HRH title.

Trier, can you tell me more about this case please?

this is all I manged to find:


He was photographed urinating on the Turkish Pavilion at the Expo 2000 event in Hanover, causing a diplomatic incident and a complaint from the Turkish embassy accusing him of insulting the Turkish people. He successfully sued those who published (Bild-Zeitung) the photograph for invasion of privacy, obtaining an award of 9,900 euros, although the paper had previously published a photo of Ernst August urinating outside a hospital in Austria.[23]

In 2004, he was convicted of aggravated assault and causing grievous bodily harm after supposedly beating a man with a knuckleduster.[24][25] He has demanded a retrial for the case on the basis of false evidence. His lawyers have publicly stated that he has never owned a knuckleduster in his life nor held one in his hand.[25]

In 2004, Ernst August had signed over his German property to his elder son, including Marienburg Castle, the agricultural estate of Calenberg Castle, the "Princely House" at Herrenhausen Gardens in Hanover and some forests near Blankenburg Castle (Harz) which he had re-purchased in former East Germany after the German reunification of 1990. At the time, Ernst-Augustís wealth was estimated as high as $250 million.[26] Since then, the younger Ernst August has taken over many representative tasks on behalf of his father. The latter remained in charge of the Austrian family assets. In 2013 however, Ernst August was removed from the chairmanship of a family foundation based in Liechtenstein which holds the properties near Gmunden in Austria, the Hanovers' main residence in exile after 1866 when their Kingdom of Hanover was annexed by Prussia. Instead, the younger Ernst August was put in charge, reportedly for negligence on part of his father[27], at the initiative of the foundation's trustee Prince Michael of Liechtenstein[28]. The foundation manages vast forests, a game park, a hunting lodge, the Queen's Villa and other property. In 2017 Ernst August filed legal action to recover his chairmanship, and he intends to revoke the bestowal of his German property. Due to this dispute over family assets, he also declared his intention to withhold consent for his son's marriage to Ekaterina Malysheva[29] which he did not attend.


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