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Author Topic: Dutch Royal News  (Read 603418 times)
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Mary who?

« Reply #3315 on: October 22, 2020, 04:10:41 PM »

That is another thing: The Queen holidays in her own country. Plus: it is an (outdated) part of the British upper class life - go shooting in the highlands (or elsewhere). The highlands (and Scotland) get recognition which is good for tourism. She makes it seem very enjoyable and it seems very British.

Spending weeks and weeks in Greek and have a permanent house gives the non-verbal message that there are better places to spend the summer than the Netherlands. For the head of state a doubtful message.

Funny thing: most Dutch agree that there are better places to spend the summer than the Netherlands.

Wilhelmina liked to travel abroad for her holidays, did not have a summer house, and only built a wooden house in the dunes close to The Hague for Juliana to play and get fresh air once the war made foreign holidays impossible. Juliana had the villa at Porto Ercole (Italy), Beatrix the villa in Tavernelle (Italy) Wax his hut in Greece (and Max a bigger place in Argentina plus a place turned into a hotel that is run by her brother).

The outrage we're currently showing has nothing to do with their houses abroad, but is basically jealousy: You are one of us, no better than the rest of us, we have to stay home or holiday in The Netherlands, you have to set an example, we stay home, you stay home. We pay, you play (according to the same rules that we do, but then again we're flauting those rules by the thousands, flying or driving to places that will still allow Dutch tourists like Austria and Dutch Caribbean much like we flaunt the rules of social distancing and no gatherings of more than 4 and that's why whe have a huge number of positive tests everyday but hey, we're healthy and not old so we won't die).

Mind you, I think it was very unwise of them to go, and also that PM Ruttte sucks up to him too much.

Talk to the hair, you slitherin' Skank

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Stay safe

« Reply #3316 on: October 23, 2020, 09:44:30 PM »

He couldn't even muster up an apology.

“ The discussion about our holiday doesn’t contribute to that “ ??
What an out of touch prick
i agree
An aplogy was the wise thing to say


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I am the Queen

« Reply #3317 on: December 01, 2020, 09:29:58 AM »

Royal family to Eindhoven on King's Day 2021

King Willem-Alexander, his family and other members of the royal family will celebrate King's Day in Eindhoven next year.

"With design and technology, Brainport Eindhoven is developing a program for a wide audience that fits within the measures applicable at that time to combat the corona virus," says the Government Information Service.

This year, the king was supposed to be in Maastricht on his birthday, but instead he gave a short speech from home. Maastricht mayor Annemarie Penn-te Strake said earlier that she was hopeful that the family would still celebrate King's Day in Maastricht next year, De Limburger reports.

A spokesperson for Penn-te-Strake says that the decision to go to Eindhoven was taken in consultation, because Maastricht did not want to organize King's Day in a slimmed-down form. "The king said: 'what is in the barrel does not sour'. Hopefully it will be our turn again if we can organize a regular King's Day with an audience."

'Digital experience'
According to Eindhoven, the royal couple opted for Eindhoven because the Brainport Eindhoven region "in their view can develop a program in which physical presence can be combined with a digital experience. If the corona measures require this, the program can also be made fully digital in no time."

In 2019 the family celebrated King's Day in Amersfoort.

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I am the Queen

« Reply #3318 on: December 01, 2020, 11:40:12 AM »

Prince Bernhard is the second son of Princess Margriet and Prof. Mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven.,_van_Vollenhoven

According to the Dutch language wiki about Bernhard:
In 2011 had Bernhard volgens het AD, samen met drie andere beleggers onder de naam Pinnacle BV., negentig panden in Amsterdam in bezit.[5] In november 2017 schreef Het Parool dat Bernhard intussen 102 panden in Amsterdam in zijn bezit had.[6] Later in diezelfde maand meldde Het Parool dat Bernhard via verscheidene bv's nog veel meer vastgoed in bezit zou hebben. Het zou gaan om 590 Nederlandse adressen, waarvan 349 in Amsterdam.[7] Het Parool sprak met huurders en belangstellenden voor de panden van Bernhard. Zij werden volgens de krant geconfronteerd met voorwaarden die in strijd zijn met de regels, bijvoorbeeld over grote groepen in een huis en het betalen van sleutelgeld. De prins, die overigens in een officiële verklaring de investering kenschetste als diens "pensioenvoorziening", gaf hierop aan te gaan uitzoeken of er in strijd met de regels was gehandeld.[Crazy Tegenover de Volkskrant verklaarde Bernhard dat van het betalen van sleutelgeld geen sprake was, en dat de makelaar in kwestie niet namens hem opereert. In hetzelfde Volkskrant-artikel sprak emeritus hoogleraar staatsrecht Joop van den Berg het vermoeden uit dat Bernhard door de gemeente Amsterdam tot zondebok werd gemaakt om de aandacht af te leiden van het gemeentelijk woningbeleid.[9]

In 2016 verkreeg Chapman Andretti, een bedrijf van Menno de Jong en Bernhard, het Circuit Zandvoort in eigendom. Vanaf 2020 zou er jaarlijks een Formule 1 Grand Prix verreden gaan worden, maar die in 2020 werd geannuleerd wegens de Covid-19 pandemie. Bernard was de drijvende kracht achter de herinvoering van het autoracen op Zandvoort.[10]

De Nederlandse politieke partij Partij van de Arbeid introduceerde in het verkiezingsprogramma voor de Tweede Kamerverkiezingen van maart 2021 een door de partij genoemde 'Prins Bernhard'-belasting. Pandjesbazen die vijf panden of meer bezitten zouden dan verplicht worden om inkomstenbelasting te betalen over de huurinkomsten en vermogenswinsten. Een zakenpartner van de prins noemde dit "populistisch opportunisme".[11]

Roughly translated as:

In 2011, according to the AD, Bernhard, together with three other investors under the name Pinnacle BV., Owned ninety properties in Amsterdam. [5] In November 2017, Het Parool wrote that Bernhard now owned 102 buildings in Amsterdam. [6] Later in the same month, Het Parool reported that Bernhard would own much more real estate through various private companies. It would concern 590 Dutch addresses, 349 of which are in Amsterdam. [7] Het Parool spoke with tenants and interested parties for Bernhard's buildings. According to the newspaper, they were confronted with conditions that are contrary to the rules, for example about large groups in a house and the payment of key money. The prince, who in an official statement described the investment as his "pension provision", indicated that he would investigate whether the rules had been acted upon. [Crazy Bernhard told De Volkskrant that there was no question of paying key money, and that the broker in question does not operate on his behalf. In the same Volkskrant article, emeritus professor of constitutional law Joop van den Berg expressed the suspicion that Bernhard was made a scapegoat by the municipality of Amsterdam in order to divert attention from municipal housing policy. [9]

In 2016 Chapman Andretti, a company owned by Menno de Jong and Bernhard, acquired the Circuit Zandvoort. A Formula 1 Grand Prix would be held annually from 2020, but it was canceled in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Bernard was the driving force behind the reintroduction of car racing in Zandvoort. [10]

The Dutch political party Labor Party introduced a 'Prins Bernhard' tax referred to by the party in its election program for the House of Representatives elections in March 2021. Pawnbrokers who own five properties or more would then be required to pay income tax on rental income and capital gains. A business partner of the prince called this "populist opportunism". [11]


PvdA annoys Prince Bernhard with a tax plan that bears his name

Prince Bernhard is not satisfied with a plan in the election program of the PvdA. The program mentions a 'Prins Bernhard' tax, intended to tackle pawnbrokers and thus make the housing market more accessible to starters, among others. The fact that the plan bears his name is against the sore leg of the prince, De Telegraaf reports.

"I find it strange that a political party uses my name in its program", Bernhard told De Telegraaf. His business partner Menno de Jong fiercely opposed the party in an email, the newspaper writes. According to De Jong, there is talk of "populist opportunism" and Bernhard's name is only used because he is a member of the royal family.

The PvdA wants investors who own more than five houses to pay more tax. Their rental income and capital gains must be assessed through income tax. The party also wants to make it possible for municipalities to impose a housing requirement.

Bernhard, son of Princess Margriet and Pieter van Vollenhoven, owns about 600 properties in the Netherlands privately and through various companies. In addition to homes, these are also office buildings and shopping centers. He is also co-owner of the circuit in Zandvoort.

Transformed office buildings
De Jong believes that his activities with Bernhard are not a good example of what the party is fighting against. They would not have bought any new properties since 2006.

In addition, all homes were already rented out when they were purchased, so there is no question of withdrawal from the housing market, he says. Their investments would have resulted in the addition of 1000 homes in Amsterdam by transforming office space into housing.

There is talk of demonization, De Jong writes to the PvdA. He believes that this "contributes to a negative image of an individual and this affects his personal safety, I have personally witnessed it".

The PvdA says it will not change the name of the plan. De Jong's e-mails would threaten legal action. Member of Parliament Henk Nijboer says via Twitter that he will not let himself be put under pressure in this way.


"Prince Bernhard tax" of PvdA falls wrong with Bernhard

Prince Bernhard van Oranje is not pleased with a PvdA tax plan. In her election manifesto, they speak of a "Prince Bernhard tax", intended to tackle slum landlords.

With such a tax, "pawnbrokers who own five properties or more are required to pay proper income tax on rental income and capital gains," the PvdA program said. "I find it strange that a political party uses my name in its program," says the prince, according to De Telegraaf. “In addition, I think they should start from their own strength and not involve just one person. Regardless of the fact that they use my name based on articles in the press and not the facts. ”

Friend and business partner Menno de Jong supports Bernhard and, according to the newspaper, would have sent angry emails to the PvdA. De Jong thinks it is "populist opportunism to involve someone in this discussion because he happens to be related to the king". He also finds the language use of the Social Democrats demonizing.

"Already rented"
The business partner argues that rental properties that he and Bernhard purchased at the beginning of this century were already rented out at the time of purchase, and that there is therefore nothing left of the suggestion that homes were withdrawn from the market.

PvdA parliamentarian Henk Nijboer emphasizes that it has been established that Bernhard rents out real estate directly or indirectly. "As a Member of Parliament I am free to denounce social issues and choose the words and names that I consider appropriate."
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