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Author Topic: Princess Ingrid Alexandra  (Read 164606 times)
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« Reply #390 on: September 10, 2021, 02:35:18 PM »

Ingrid got her first job

Se og HÝr is reporting that she spent her summer holiday clearing tables and doing dishes at a restaurant in Oslo
Bravo, IA!

Great first job for a teenager, many kids around her age do the same thing. I hope she will do it again next year, just to experience what's normal for the rest of us a little bit more.

If I am correct Amalia has done something similar in a beachclub in the Netherlands.

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« Reply #391 on: September 10, 2021, 04:23:42 PM »

Terrific if both IA and Amalia have done this. I waited tables and wanted that for my daughters. I remember discussing with my fellow waitrons that our work was actually super hard it is very physical and you have to deal with persnickety people and you will be overwhelmed at all the tasks you have to juggle at the same time and that everyone should do it. There are people who have through the years talked about requiring a year of national service outside of the military and I think yes it should be waiting tables. It is hard and humbling and gives you terrific perspective.

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« Reply #392 on: September 10, 2021, 06:19:48 PM »

I've read that hiring managers LOVE fresh college grads with restaurant experience because they're so much more grounded and capable than those without.  It's hard work in so many ways.
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