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Author Topic: Catarina Hurtig's book:  (Read 1166 times)
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I saw this list on about the requirements of being a Princess -- unfortunately to me only Princess Mathilde meets these requirements. Most of them don't even meet the last two requirements.

*Fertile she must be able to have children
*Be a good mother
*Interested in fashion and beauty
*Able to keep a tight reign on her temperament and always appear in control
*Sense of social occasion and like to meet people
*Be discreet and able to keep confidences
*Be able to talk without being imprudent
*Kind and obliging, but at the same keep a certain distance. BUT without appearing cold and arrogant
*Show an interest towards the outside world
*Able to talk to all kinds of people
*Appear warm, soft and accessible
*Have a good relationship with her mother-in-law, the Queen
*No skeletons in the cupboard, such as embarrassing episodes from her youth
*No embarrassing family relations, who make scandals or talk out of place to the press

Here is a picture of the cover of the book:

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