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Author Topic: Madeleine's news  (Read 1361313 times)
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« Reply #5025 on: August 13, 2021, 11:30:38 PM »

I hope that she (and Victoria) see what plastic surgery has done to Silvia, and decide to be intentional about NOT going down that route!  My dad was the product of a very dysfunctional homelife, and it made him resolved to never be like that (and he wasn't  Smiley).  It seems like Madeleine and Victoria have already resolved to avoid the dysfunction of their upbringings (as much as possible) and so I hope they also resolve to avoid dysfunctional plastic surgery addiction as well!

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« Reply #5026 on: August 14, 2021, 02:59:15 PM »

She has plenty of obvious lines underneath her eyes and on her forehead when she’s smiling.

I have noticed odd lines (meaning in odd places) when I have been wearing a mask. Also I feel it dries out the skin easily? It could be that.

With both Victoria and Madeleine there’s definitely a danger Silvia’s obvious obsession with ps could cause them to start early too but so far at least I think both have looked quite natural unlike for instance Mary at their age..

I thought that at first too, Maria, but they were so even on both sides that I immediately thought Botox. But maybe it’s the mask, who knows?

And yes, Vic and Madeleine did not have a good role model for aging gracefully.

No, I don’t think it’s because of the mask. The “wrinkles on the side” were very visible from 2018- to now. I just remember it because it’s not that common having “ wrinkles on the sides of the face”. I have a lot of wrinkles under my eyes so I’m not judging anyone because we will all be old.
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