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Author Topic: Philippos - What's The Deal?  (Read 23520 times)
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About 3rd cousins?  Thankyou  Star

Thanks, I never know the descriptions such as 2nd/3rd cousins; once removed etc.

It's based on the number of generations away from the common ancestor.  For example, my cousin Lana is my second cousin (even though we clearly were born 30 years apart).  So her line would go Me-Paul, my father - Math my grandfather - and Edward my great-grandfather and her line would go Lana-Duane, her father - Bill, her grandfather - Edward her great-grandfather.  We're two generations from our common ancestor.  Now her children would be my 2nd Cousins, once removed because they are one generation down from our generation (even though her youngest is like 3 years older than me!).  My dad would be her 1st cousin, once removed because Duane and my dad belong to the same generation (even though there's a 30 year age gap!). 

So it looks like Constantine and Anne-Marie are 3rd cousins.  Now if there was another ancestor in there on either of those lines, they would be 3rd cousins once removed. 

Hope this helps! 

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