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Author Topic: Activities of the Princess of Girona Foundation  (Read 53915 times)
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Felipe, Leti: where are you?

« Reply #210 on: Yesterday at 11:42:06 PM »


Don't care for either of these ensembles, although the blue of Leonor's dress is very pretty.  They both appeared to be more comfortable in the earlier event ...  Leonor has wonderful skin.  It seems Sofia has braces, I wonder why Leonor doesn't?
Sofia does have braces.
Leonor doesn't...she seems to have hypodontia or something like that, so perhaps she we'll need dental implants before using braces.

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Leti's Mr. Spock moment  Smiley

(yes, I realise it is the ear of the person behind but it is easy to amuse me today)
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« Reply #212 on: Today at 12:11:10 AM »

Leti's Mr. Spock moment  Smiley

(yes, I realise it is the ear of the person behind but it is easy to amuse me today)


Badly timed photograph aside, this is the nicest Leti's looked in a while!  I want to like Leonor's look but I don't, and I don't know why (but I do love the earrings).  Sofia looks very fashionable and age appropriate, which isn't easy to do.
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Leonor is wearing Blue Topaz and Diamonds Earrings by LUZZ = 1.345 = $1403.35


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« Reply #214 on: Today at 04:39:49 AM »

I really love what they're wearing.
Props to Leti for not wearing black. Leo and Sofia are both wearing occasion-appropriate, season-appropriate, and most importantly, age-appropriate clothes. I think they're finding their way style-wise.
We forget they're only 15 and 16 years old and they're having to dress for different types of occasions already. Dressy day clothes and semi-formal are hard to look comfortable in at that age. But the girls pulled it off for all 3 of their PofG events.

At the awards ceremony, they did very well. Leonor looked very pretty in her powder blue dress. And the white pantsuit with long cape is the best outfit I've seen on Sofia. It is contemporary, age-appropriate, and body-appropriate. She's very tall for her age and this outfit looks best on a tall person. She really pulls off the long cape top. (I think if Izzy of Denmark wanted to wear a white suit for her confirmation, she should've worn this one. She wore one of her mother's suits which made her look very old. It made her mother look old too when she wore it).

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